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Launching a luxury handbag company in Detroit

Walker Olson Bag

It’s s a handbag company founded on a simple principal: offer luxury products made in Italy at reasonable prices. The walker+olson brand was founded by Kevin Walker who has a long-standing career in the design industry having worked for Calvin Klein and other retail companies.

“What inspires me is taking high-quality Italian Calf-leather and creating something beautiful that is not only trendy, but classic,” he said. “A well-designed handbag is an extension of a woman’s personality.”

walker Olson Bag # 2

The leather goods are crafted by some of the same Italian artisans who make known designer products in retail outlets around the globe. “There is one big difference,” said Walker, “the price.”

As the industry evolved, the pricing increased as retailers had to account for licensing fees, department store market ups and sales people. “We removed all of that and we go from the manufacturing company to the market,” said Walker. “Our customers are truly paying for the bag and not everything else in between.”

While working for one of the licensees at Calvin Klein, Kevin learned a lot about the design process and the many steps and layers that went into this iconic brand.

As it turns out in the handbag industry, the majority of high-end brands operate in a similar way. Several layers of markup take place before it reaches the department store and then eventually the end consumer.

Kevin has always had a passion for design and knew there had to be a better way to put high-end handbags in the hands of women everywhere at a fraction of the price without giving up quality.

Walker Olson Bag

He saw the shift in the conscious shopper; “women want that luxury handbag but are not willing to pay prices that are from another universe,” he said. “Through our unique partnership and pricing model, we bring our handbags directly from our Italian manufacture to your doorstep.”

The company designs their products for the sartorially-educated women who look to the established and independent fashion houses for inspiration before they shop. “This is why each walker+olson handbag is stitched together with the world of inspiration in each thread,” said Walker. “We thought of every woman’s life with its functionality. The design process takes many forms; it’s all over the world and being inspired by the littlest things.”



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