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Detroit-born comic book great Jim Starlin to launch new book on Amazon

New Lazgood's Boys Cover cropped

In the 70s, Detroit area native Jim Starlin packed up and moved to New York to join the comic industry. He quickly made a name for himself by exploring bizarre new images and themes in the Marvel universe and was recently was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame.

Now he takes on another new realm … the kindle eBook. “Jim Starlin’s Lazgood’s Boys” has arrived.

Starlin needs no introduction to comic fans, but frequent Marvel-based movie goers may recognize his work. They will be familiar with the characters of Drax, Thanos, and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy as well as his creations the infinity stones, which appear across the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His comics are known for socio-political tones and bizarre and lost characters, and his new book follows the same themes.

New Lazgood's Boys CoverThe story takes place on an Earth of a not-so-distant future. Like many of such stories, our planet has been taken over by aliens. However, this time it was not through a bitter war, but by better technology overtaking and subverting our political and economic structures.

Earth falls not by an alien military invasion, but rather the hyper-capitalistic OmniEver Inc. The company brings our big blue marble into the nearly 1,000 world corporate family it rules over since “their mousetraps work far better and are much cheaper than any Earth business can produce.”

The series explores a world of a laissez-faire system exploded out, and a hope it can be undone.

It really begins with the alien smuggler Maki Walsh, who just arrived on our planet. He tries to smuggle three genetically modified infants from what had been Mexico to what is an American in transition. All of this done in the hopes the boys can be liberators to the world once they grow up.

The first two drop offs to foster families go as planned, but problems leave the third in the care of Maki Walsh.

As they grow to manhood, the plan goes awry, and it seem like they are more likely to come into deadly combat with each other.

If this story sounds like it would be at home in a comic shop there is a reason. The idea is spawned from an earlier work, his 1998 series Hardcore Station, which will also be the umbrella term for the entire series. Lazgood’s Boys is the first.

“Even though the comic book miniseries didn’t work out all that well, I always loved the story’s setting and had many other tales floating around in my head involving that free-wheeling commercial satellite and its citizenry,” Starlin explains.

Hardcore Mindgames, the second book in the series and a prequel to Lazgood’s Boy’s, has already been written and will be in eBook form soon. More are on the way.

“I’m also in the middle of writing the as yet untitled follow-up book to Lazgood’s Boys,” Starlin says.”It’ll be set 10 years after where Lazgood’s Boys leaves off.”

While the new book is an Amazon eBook exclusive, you don’t need their trademark kindle to read it. The iPad and Android devices have apps to read Kindle books on their platforms.

The book costs $3.99 and can be purchased here.

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