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NYC’s Snap Dog debuts in Detroit – can it compare to a Coney?


A challenger from the streets of New York thinks that it can stand against the Detroit classic … the Coney.

Snap Dog – the hot dog from New York – is claiming Rouge Park as its turf. It launched its first location there with the “Yo Dawgs” cart, the first hot dog cart in Michigan. The cart will also be available for special events. The company says it is getting a great response.

Snap Dog’s claim to fame its logo and the word “beef” printed on it. It’s known as “The Hot Dog With Its Name on It!” The words not only identify who makes the dog but also emphasizes that it is made of 100% pure beef.

3 snapdogs

“Michigan has high standards for hot dogs. I can’t wait to introduce the town to real Snap Dogs from NY,” says Lester Dixon, who owns Yo Dawgs with his wife Yolanda and son Ethan

The three of them work the cart in Rouge Park. Founder/CEO of Snap Dogs, Keith Dorman earned his bones in the world of hot dogs as a vendor at 55th and Broadway in New York City.  That is also where he realized his patrons had no idea what they were eating … not even what animal.  He wanted to change that.

From there he searched all the technology available for a way to print on the dogs without dyes, coloring, or anything that may be dangerous to his customers.

“We’re on a mission to elevate the hot dog experience. Everyone in Detroit can now enjoy the authentic taste of a real New York City hot dog, and know they’re getting 100% beef,” says Dorman.

The Snap Dogs will be served at the Yo Dawgs cart with various condiments, including the Snap Dog® Pushcart-style Onion Sauce.

Can the NYC brand compete with the Coney? Only time will tell.

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