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Bob Seger helps at-risk students in Oakland County find shelter against the wind

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The lyrics of Bob Seger’s song Against the Wind could pretty well sum up the feelings of at risk kids.

Searchin’ for shelter again and again

Against the wind

A little something against the wind

I found myself seeking shelter against the wind 

These kids need life-changing skills to find that shelter, and now, Seger is helping 12 at risk teens at Oakland County Children’s Village find them. For the second year in a row, he is sponsoring the Dale Carnegie Teen Program at Children’s Village, which is taking place through July 21.

Aaron Danish, a Brother Rice High School student and a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Teen Program brought the program to Oakland County Children’s Village. He participated as an assistant in the 2016 course under the direction of Kathy Tosoian, a Dale Carnegie instructor. Tosoian will return this year to lead the course with Danish at her side.

“I got to watch each of these students change right before my eyes. I know that this year we’ll again see incredible changes in all the teens taking the course,” Danish says.

“I saw the big difference this program made for me and my classmates,” he says. “We gained confidence and learned goal setting and public speaking skills. It occurred to me that those who need it most rarely have the financial means to get this kind of training and support.”

So he spoke with his mother, Dr. Myra Danish, a board member of Children’s Village Foundation, and together they contacted Seger, who immediately embraced the program. Based on last year’s inspiring and lasting results, he agreed to support it again this year.

Last year's graduation ceremony

Last year’s graduation ceremony

The first class of 12 at-risk Children’s Village teens graduated from the Dale Carnegie Teen Program in June of 2016 with inspiring results. They learned public speaking and decision-making skills. Their self-confidence grew every session. Most importantly, the students learned to replace negative attitudes with positive thoughts and actions.

“Oakland County is grateful for Mr. Seger’s support and continued generosity,” says County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. “His participation sends a powerful message to our at-risk youth that they matter and their success matters.”

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