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Midwest Recycling partners with HERO to collect shoes at local gyms for those in need

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In addition to getting a good workout at area gyms, gym-goers can do something for the environment and help someone in need. Midwest Recycling has placed a Shoe Collection Station inside several gyms around metro Detroit for people to donate gently-used shoes to help another person in need.

“It’s only been six weeks since it was placed in here and it looks to be about half full,” says Brad Goodstein, owner of RetroFit Studio. “People are donating and it seems like they like being able to do something good.”

Midwest Recycling in Inkster has partnered with HERO, Homeless Empowerment Relationship Organization in a shoe fundraising effort.

HERO is a non-profit organization dedicated to help the homeless or at risk of homelessness.


The Shoe Collection Fundraiser is collecting shoes at local gyms to be reused, recycled, and re-purposed. Rather than these shoes being thrown into a landfill, Midwest Recycling gives a portion to HERO and ships the rest to second hand sellers across the world including Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

“This is truly about the environment,” says Abe Hachem, president and CEO of Midwest Recycling. “The program’s expectation is to make sure nothing goes to a landfill. In addition, these products, which are still in good condition, will be reused.”

The excess shoes are sold as a fundraiser for HERO.

“The box was full in a matter of no time,” ssys Carrie Miller, manager of Title Boxing Club Canton and Northville. “It was emptied out the other day and there are already about four pairs in there. The boxes have made people aware of both the program and the need, it’s great.”

Currently, there are Shoe Collection Stations for recycled shoes inside more than 20 gyms in Michigan. Four of them are located in Oakland County, including RetroFit Studio and Pulse Fitness in Royal Oak and 9Round Kickboxing and Orchard Fitness in Farmington Hills. Ten are located in Wayne County, including Powerhouse in Lincoln Park and Highland Park, Anytime Fitness in Brownstown and Westland, F3 Fitness in Dearborn Heights, Downtown Boxing and Pulse Fitness in Detroit, Title Boxing, Anytime Fitness and High Velocity in Canton.

Founded in 2007, Midwest Recycling, Inc. specializes in the placement and maintenance of more than 600 bins throughout greater Detroit and Southeast Michigan. Midwest has partnerships with various groups including local communities, businesses, public schools and houses of worship. Midwest is a worldwide distributor of used clothing and shoes for women, children and families in need.

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