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City of Detroit, Comcast team up to bring Project Green Light to more businesses, reduce crime


It seems like just when we start talking about how crime is going down in Detroit something happens to put it back in the news.

This time that something is very positive.

The City of Detroit and Comcast have teamed up to help more small businesses afford the upfront costs of joining Project Green Light.CityofDetroit_ProjectGreenLightProject Green Light, launched in January, lets convenience stores, restaurants, and gas stations voluntarily connect with the Detroit Police Department’s Real-time Crime Center where the premises are monitored for activity. A green dome light located at the business indicates the presence of high-definition surveillance cameras designed to discourage robbery, loitering, and also to help solve crime.

A full time staff at the Detroit Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center monitors video from the businesses around the clock.

The project has been very successful and has had a positive impact their business. Crime is down 50% at locations that have been on board since the beginning.

“One thing about this Green Light effort is our neighborhood police officers – and I call myself a neighborhood police officer as well – we go in to Green Light locations and we sign a little book to let folks know we are checking and we are here. So that is an added bonus,” says Police Chief James Craig. “This is only the beginning. It is an evolution. Change is here.”

Detroit Police Chief James Craig

Detroit Police Chief James Craig

The cost of putting in the cameras has slowed down Project Green Light because many small businesses cannot afford the upfront costs.

Now under the new Comcast program, rather than having to pay upwards of $6,000 for purchasing and installing high-resolution cameras and other required equipment, eligible businesses can now join the program for $1,000 for camera installation and as little as $140 additional per month for cloud storage and leasing the camera equipment (based on existing Internet service provider and plan). The cloud storage provides 30 days’ worth of video so it will be easily and immediately retrievable by the storeowner or Detroit Police, if needed.

Since Comcast Business began offering the program, 50 businesses have expressed interest in joining the program.

“Project Green Light has been a game-changer in how we provide security at our small businesses in Detroit. This new deal from Comcast Business is going to be a game changer for participation in the program,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “We have removed the one obstacle that has kept Project Green Light from exploding in participation across the city.”

Right now Project Green Light has 42 businesses online, up from the original 8 when the program launched in January.

Mayor Mike Duggan

Mayor Mike Duggan

“We have seen crime drop dramatically when the Green Light when the Green Light went in,” says Duggan. “We’ve also seen it move a half mile up the street to the gas station that doesn’t have the Green Light.”

“As of today carjacking in the city are down 35 percent from a year ago – 135 fewer carjackings. There is no doubt Green Light has had a significant effect. We believe if we can extend this across the city people of this city will benefit tremendously.”

Here’s how the pricing of Comcast Business’ offer is designed:

  • Upfront cost for Comcast Business’ base package installation: $999.95
  • Basic Installation of one indoor and three exterior cameras
  • Additional camera installation is $199.95 per camera
  • Monthly cost is $139.75 for four-camera rental and 30-day cloud storage

All prices are based on a three-year agreement and do not include applicable taxes, surcharges and other fees. Comcast Business Deluxe 50 Internet service is required with the $139.75 base package. The monthly charge for Deluxe 50 Internet service is $89.95 per month.

We are uniquely positioned to support Project Green Light,” says Tim Collins, senior vice president of Comcast in Michigan. “Since entering the Detroit market 22 years ago, we’ve invested millions of dollars every year in our network and today we provide a reliable Internet connection to thousands of businesses in Detroit. We can make it easy for local businesses to participate in this important program by serving as a one-stop shop for the sale, installation and support of Project Green Light cameras and Internet connection.”

To see the locations of all Project Green Light businesses and to learn more about the new Comcast Business program, visit

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