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The people and places that make Southwest Detroit a great neighborhood to call home

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Detroit is a wonderful mash-up of diverse residents and iconic neighborhoods that define its character and unique “city soul.” Each has a daily rhythm, a veritable “it” factor.

Here’s a closer look inside Southwest Detroit, an area that has been attracting interest and investment. With access to the Canadian border crossing, major expressways, proximity to downtown, leading medical institutions, colleges and universities, ethnic retail and restaurants and its vibrant arts and culture scene, there is no better time to call it home.

Southwest Detroit spans nearly 20 square miles and is comprised of distinct neighborhoods including Southwest, Core City (downtown), North Corktown, Corktown, West Side Industrial, Chadsey-Condon, Springwells Village, Delray, Boyton and Oakwood Heights.

It’s a “hot” location, according to Sherri Saad, broker and owner of Re/Max Leading Edge in Detroit.

Kraemer Design Group Co-Founder and Principal Bob Kraemer, who has been following Detroit’s residential property trends for over 10 years, says residential real estate is at a “crazy fever right now.”

Home in Mexicantown

This stunning Campbell Street residence is reflective of the architecture in Southwest Detroit.. Photo: Michelle & Chris Gerard

Homes in Southwest Detroit like this beauty on Hubbard Street (48209) get snapped up quickly. Photo: Michelle & Chris Gerard

Homes in Southwest Detroit like this beauty on Hubbard Street (48209) get snapped up quickly. Photo: Michelle & Chris Gerard

“Interest is coming from everywhere and some surprising places. Today’s new buyer is not just a young millennial. There has been a real upswing in empty nesters and ‘urban cottage’ buyers, interested in purchasing city property that is close to it all,” notes Kraemer

Many of them are city of Detroit and surrounding area residents ready to downsize, Kraemer says.

“If you can grab something (property) here now, you would be lucky,” says Saad, who notes that competition between local and outside investors is increasing.

“The area surrounding Corktown is clearly the ‘next area’ for growth. Past perceptions used to be that Southwest Detroit was further outside the city’s center, but now there’s a growing realization that it’s actually closer than many think.

“You don’t have to manufacture a neighborhood in communities like Southwest Detroit,” adds Kraemer. “Its walkable streets, vibrant main streets, close-knit community and organized activities make it the kind of community many want to live in.”

“When we were here five years ago, the residential, bank-owned properties were going from $5,000 to $10,000 dollars. Today they’re selling from $35,000 to $65, 000,” Saad says. “We just put one under contract for $55,000 that was purchased for about $6,500 five years ago.”

“If you see something good, buy it,” says Kraemer.


Live here and you can expect to receive a world-class experience in cultural immersion.

It’s a special place with a diverse population and a collaborative culture that offers a welcoming environment to immigrants and the influx of first-time Detroit residents. It is home to many young African Americans, Latinos, Middle Easterners, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and other nationalities. More than half its population is 39 or younger and more than half is Hispanic.

Arab American Culture Celebration at Ford Resource and Engagement Center in Southwest Detroit.

Arab American Culture Celebration at Ford Resource and Engagement Center in Southwest Detroit.

The area creates a fine cultural line between long-time, often third- or fourth-generation neighbors and many newcomers attracted to affordable living in the community,. Officials and program leaders say there’s room for everyone.

At the end of the day Southwest Detroit needs to keep the residents it has and continue to attract and welcome newcomers, according to Rico Razo, manager of District 6, which includes Southwest Detroit.

This high-energy, very cool community knows what can be accomplished by pulling together to transform itself. It’s a community that knows what kind of revitalization it wants. What residents don’t want is adult entertainment, factories, and pollution, as they indicated in a recent Vista Partnership Survey. What most embrace are more green spaces, residential areas and locally-owned businesses.


Southwest Detroit’s high energy residents and business leaders have also brought Detroit some of its most anticipated annual festivals and events like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Run of the Dead, Fiesta del Rio, and the “Holy Mole!” Mexican Mole Contest, all of which make the community a lively place to live.


The community is not without challenges, including education, which residents and neighborhood leaders recognize as critical if Southwest Detroit is to advance and prosper. Vocal advocates for multi-lingual administrators and instructors can be found among the area’s concerned citizens, who also advocate for curricula that meets student need.

The advantages of a bi-lingual educational environment cannot be overlooked, says Lizabeth Ardisana, CEO of ASG Renaissance, one of the state’s largest Hispanic-owned companies. Ardisana sees an increasing number of employers looking to hire bi-lingual professionals at premium rates.

Lizbeth Ardisana

Lizabeth Ardisana, CEO of ASG Renaissance,

“Students in Southwest Detroit possess unparalleled cultural competence. They soak up the collective knowledge of the people and places that are a part of their everyday lives. It’s a priceless education,” says Ardisana.

Cristo Rey High School, a private Catholic school that sits on Most Holy Redeemer Church’s campus, boasts 100 percent college admission among students during the past five years.

Southwest Detroit also is home to César Chávez Academy, which serves more than 2,000 K-12 students, maintains a waiting list, and is the second-largest K-12 charter in Michigan.

Detroit Public Schools(DPS) also maintain a focus tailored to reflect the community’s makeup of youth.

The new High School Academy of the Americas (opened in 2015) is one of the flagships of DPS. The school offers Spanish language immersion, literature, honors classes and career exploration beginning in ninth grade, with particular emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math, according to Chrystal Wilson, interim executive director of communications.

Academy of the Americas, a pre-K through elementary neighborhood-centered, quality school, offers a unique dual Immersion, bi-lingual academic program in Spanish and English. 


Fresh food grocers are abundant and the norm in Southwest Detroit. In addition to attracting loyal patronage from local residents, grocers attract customers from as far away as Toledo, who don’t mind traveling in order to get the highest quality produce and authentic ingredients offered by many of the local stores. 

Fresh foods are plentiful in Southwest Detroit grocery stores.  Photo: Paul Engstrom

Fresh foods are plentiful in Southwest Detroit grocery stores.
Photo: Paul Engstrom

“We have the kind of variety that makes suburban stores jealous,” says Mike Fienman, a third-generation grocer.


The community also reports tremendous gains in improving safety among residents during the past two decades. Once known for much of the city’s gang activity, the area still battles that “stigma,” says Detroit Police Officer Thomas Denmark.

“Crime-wise, our statistics are very low,” says Denmark, a Fourth Precinct neighborhood police officer.

Domestic violence is a common problem the precinct works to address by encouraging residents to report the crime more frequently, but Southwest streets are fairly safe, Denmark says. 

“The only thing I can credit that to is our community involvement,” he adds. “The community involvement here is excellent in Southwest.”

Volunteer and resident efforts range from AmeriCorps-sponsored citizen bike patrols to civilian patrols organized by the Congress of Communities on West Vernor Highway. 

Southwest Detroit is indeed all about community, all about being part of a group of people who trust and rely on each other.

“This area is beautiful. It has beautiful churches, historical buildings and parks. The bakeries on Sundays are thriving,” says Saad, the realtor.

“The vibe, the feeling is spiritual,” she adds. “It’s amazing.”

There’s a palatable feeling about Southwest Detroit that sinks deep into your soul, she says.

“You actually can feel that it’s a community,” she adds. “You feel that its family oriented. It just gets better and better.”


Southwest Detroit is bounded by I-94 (N), the Detroit River (S), the Lodge Freeway (E) and City of Dearborn (W).


Southwest Detroit is one of the most integrated communities in the city. It is home to many young African Americans, Latinos, Middle Easterners, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and many other nationalities. 


This is one of Southwest Detroit’s major challenges as pollution from the Ambassador Bridge traffic and energy refineries have contributed to respiratory issues among residents.

Ambassador Bridge

Ambassador Bridge

Neighborhood-based organizations like Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, in collaboration with city officials, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and other agencies are working daily to make improvements.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and The Greening of Detroit are increasing installation of carbon buffers (carbon absorbing trees and plants) throughout the area to combat the impact of vehicle emissions.

There are also innovative grant-funded programs underway to replace outdated vehicle emission systems with cleaner zero emission models. 


Largely impacted by vacancies, some neighborhoods are burdened with housing decay. Citizen and block club-led efforts, aligned with Detroit Land Bank initiatives and city programs to help volunteers board-up dangerous properties, solutions.


Southwest Detroit hosts many iconic annual festivals and events, including:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade (March)
  • Cinco de Mayo (May)
  • Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead (November)
  • Fiesta del Rio (August)
  • Holy Mole! Mexican Mole Contest (November)

Girl Dancing_Michelle and Chris Gerard


Southwest Detroit is compromised of distinct neighborhoods including Southwest, Core City (downtown), North Corktown, Corktown, West Side Industrial, Chadsey-Condon, Springwells Village, Delray, Boyton and Oakwood Heights.


The spirituality of Southwest Detroit can be felt throughout the community, but particularly within its many churches, some of which offer well-attended Spanish-language services that attract members from the region, who often stay and spill out into its streets on Sundays.

Holy Redeemer Church

Holy Redeemer Church

  • St. Anne’s (1000 St. Anne St.)
  • Holy Redeemer (1721 Junction St.)
  • St. Gabriel’s Church & Rectory (8118 Vernor Hwy.)
  • Messiah Church (3816 Toledo St)
  • First Spanish Baptist Church (3495 Livernois Ave.)
  • Courage Church (1953 Military St.)
  • St. Hedwig Catholic Church (3245 Junction St.)
  • St. Francis D’Assisi Church (4500 Wesson St.)
  • First Latin American Baptist Church (6205 W. Fort St.)
  • Kainos International Church (6666 W. Fort St.)
  • Zion Evangelical-Lutheran Church (4305 Military St.)
  • St. Paul AME Church (579 S. Rademacher St.)
  • Motor City Missionary Baptist Church (4461 28th St.)
  • Latino Mission Society (1450 McKinstry St.)
  • Sts Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Cathedral (3700 Gilbert St.)
  • First Baptist Church (7642 Gould St.)
  • St. Stephen Lutheran Church (1235 Lawndale St.)
  • Holy Cross Hungarian Roman Catholic Church (8423 South St.),
  • Spirit of Hope (1519 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.)
  • Most Holy Trinity Church (1050 Porter St.)
  • Carter Metropolitan CME Church (1510 W. Grand Blvd.)
  • Trinity-St. Mark’s United Church (9315 W. Fort St.)
  • I am My Brother’s Keeper Ministries (1435 Brainard St.)
  • St. Aloysius Parish (1234 Washington Blvd.)
  • Second Baptist Church of Detroit (441 Monroe Ave.)
  • St. John’s Church Detroit (2326 Woodward Ave.)
  • Deliverance Bible Church (4731 Grand River)
  • Fort Street Presbyterian Church (631 W. Fort St.)


The majority of schools in Southwest Detroit offer bi-lingual education and related services. Area residents have a variety of educational options. All the parochial, charter and public schools detailed below operate within the community’s boundaries.

  • Detroit Public Schools
    • Western International High School (1500 Scotten Ave.)
    • Earhart Elementary-Middle School (1000 Scoten Ave.)
    • Beard Early Childhood (840 Waterman)
    • Bennett Elementary (1000 Scotten Ave.)
    • Roberto Clemente Academy (1551 Beard St.)
    • Harms Elementary (2400 Central Ave.)
    • Maybury Elementary (4410 Porter St.)
    • Neinas Elementary (6021 McMillan St.)
    • Clipper Academy (1981 McKinstry St.)
Detroit Cristo Rey Photo by Andrew Jameson

Detroit Cristo Rey
Photo by Andrew Jameson

  • Private/Charter
    • Cesar Chavez High School (1761 Waterman St.),
    • Cesar Chavez Middle School (6782 Goldsmith St.),
    • Cesar Chavez Elementary School (8126 Vernor Hwy.),
    • Cristo Rey High School (5679 Vernor Hwy.)
    • Holy Redeemer School (1711 Junction St.)
    • Vista Nuevas (2051 Rosa Parks Blvd.)
    • Covenant House Life Skills Center – West High School (1450 25th St.)
    • Phoenix Multicultural Academy (7735 Lane St.)
    • Voyageur Academy (4321 Military St.)


The promotion of the unique Mexicantown brand is critical to strengthening the commercial corridors along West Vernor and Bagley Avenues, which are important contributors to Detroit’s regional economy,” says Tahirih Ziegler, executive director for Detroit LISC.

20160127-Tahirih Ziegler_LISC-0355A compressed

Tahirih Ziegler, executive director for Detroit LISC

Not only is Southwest Detroit one of the proudest and festive areas of the city, it has become a breeding ground for small businesses and neighborhood organizations throughout the years. From family-owned restaurants to independent clothing stores or local offices of corporate agencies locally products and services are generated across a broad spectrum. Aiding continued growth are efforts like the Mexicantown-Hubbard Communities Main Street Program, which has been reestablished after its service to the community from 2002 to 2008.

Funded by Local Initiatives Support Corp. and overseen by Southwest Detroit Business Association and Mexicantown Community Development Corp. Mexicantown-Hubbard Communities Main Street will provide marketing support, location mapping, and engagement support. Among businesses that will benefit from the program are these and others in Southwest Detroit.

“The promotion of the unique Mexicantown brand is critical to strengthening the commercial corridors along West Vernor and Bagley Avenues, which are important contributors to Detroit’s regional economy,” says Tahirih Ziegler, executive director for Detroit LISC.

Among businesses that will benefit from the program are these and others in Southwest Detroit:

Mexicantown Business Directory


  • Mr. Spotless                              3827 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts                  8417 W. Vernor Hwy.


  • La Gloria                                     3345 Bagley Ave.
  • Mexicantown Bakery                4300 Vernor Hwy.


  • El Club                                        4114 Vernor Hwy.
  • Giovanna’s                                  537 W. Vernor Hwy.


  • Cash America                             3959 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • El Popo                                       3438 Bagley Ave.


  • Tacos El Rodeo                          3501-3525 W. Vernor Hwy.


  • SNS Food and Fuel           `         3801 W. Vernor Hwy.


  • Roberto Clemente Rec                2631 Bagley Ave.
  • Secretary of State                       2835 Bagley St.


  • Algo Especial                              2628 Bagley Ave.
  • H&J Foods Inc                            3923 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • Honey Bee La Colmena               2443 Bagley Ave.
  • Tamalería Nuevo Leon                2669 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • Vernor Express Liquor Store      3855 W. Vernor Hwy.


  • Vernor Urgent Care                     3456 W. Vernor Hwy.


  • Mexicantown Intl. Welcome Ctr.   2835 Bagley St. (at 21st St.)


  • La Michoacana                            4336 W. Vernor Hwy.


  • Lupita Wash & Dry Laundromat   3938 Vernor Hwy.


  • Southwest Solutions                    4214 Vernor Hwy.
  • BUILD Institute                            2701 Bagley Ave.
  • Southwest Housing Solutions       1920 25th St and W. Vernor Hwy.
  • La Sed Inc                                         4138 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • Mexicantown CDC                          2835 Bagley St. (at 21st St.), 2nd floor
  • Southwest Economic Solutions     2835 Bagley Ave. #800
  • Ford Resource & Rec Center          2826 Bagley Ave.


  • Amicci’s Pizza                             3849 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • Armando’s                                  242 Vernor Hwy.
  • El Comal                                     3970 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • El Zocalo                                    3400 Bagley Ave.
  • Evie’s Tamales                            3454 Bagley Ave.
  • Los Galanes                               3362 Bagley Ave.
  • Mexican Village                           2600 Bagley Ave.
  • Mexicantown Restaurant             3457 Bagley Ave.
  • Sicily’s Pizza & Subs                    3554 Vernor Hwy.
  • Taquería Lupita’s                        3443 Bagley Ave.
  • Xochimilco                                  3409 Bagley Ave.
  • Huron Room                               2547 Bagley Ave.


  • Creaciones Lina                          3444 Bagley Ave.
  • Cricket Wireless                          3963 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • Dollar Center                               3917 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • Kim’s Party Store                        4342 Vernor Hwy.
  • Xochis Gift Shop                         3437 Bagley Ave.


  • Galapagos Art Space                  1800 18th St.
  • Matrix Theater                            2730 Bagley Ave.
  • Movie Mania Video                      3800 W. Vernor Hwy.


  • Our Detroit Vodka Distillery          2545 Bagley Ave.
  • La Jalisciense Tortilla Factory       2650 Bagley Ave.
  • La Michoacana Tortilla Factory     2600 Bagley Ave.
  • Detroit Farm and Garden               1759  21st  St. and W. Vernor


  • Envios Express       7611 W. Vernor                 Financial Services
  • Envios de Dinero     7830/40 W. Vernor           Financial Services


  • DK Repairs                                 1516 Springwells
  • Arandas Tires                             1700 Springwells
  • Vernor Auto Parts                       4621 W. Vernor
  • Auto Zone                                   6117 W. Vernor
  • Arandas Tires                             6230 W. Vernor
  • Lopez Tires                                 6677 W. Vernor
  • Vernor Car Wash                        6750/00 Dix
  • Sanchez Auto Wash                    6755 W. Vernor
  • Torres Auto Services                   7023 W. Vernor
  • Viper Audio City                          7027/25 W. Vernor
  • San Ignacio Car Shop                  7759 W. Vernor
  • Auto Parts World                         7837 W. Vernor
  • O’Reilly’s Auto Shop                    8417 W. Vernor
  • Quick Fix Auto Service                9000 W. Vernor


  • Sheila’s Bakery                           2134/42 Springwells
  • Brown’s Bun Bakery                  4817 W. Vernor
  • Chilango’s Bakery                        5425/27 W. Vernor


  • PNC Bank                                   6200 W. Vernor
  • Huntington Bank                      7760 W. Vernor
  • Chase Bank                                8021 W. Vernor
  • Comerica Bank                          8060 W. Vernor


  • Charlie’s Bar                               1503 Springwells
  • Revolution Lounge                    1601 Springwells
  • My Spot Detroit Bar                  1801 Springwells
  • Cantina Mexicana                        5890 W. Vernor


  • El Padrino Barbershop               1466 Springwells
  • El Tijerazo Barbershop               1515 Springwells
  • Favi’s Hair Salon                         1818 Springwells
  • Salon Xtreme                              1829 Springwells
  • Favi’s Nail Salon                          1835 Springwells
  • Express Barbershop                    2001 Springwells
  • Corte Tropical                             2046 Springwells
  • Shirlie’s Beauty Salon                  2213 Springwells
  • Lupe’s Barbershop                      4433 W. Vernor
  • Guero’s Barbershop                    600 W. Vernor
  • Lupita’s Beauty Lounge               4733 W. Vernor
  • Violeta’s Beauty Salon                 4850 W. Vernor
  • SW Styles Barbershop                 5460 W. Vernor
  • Bella Beauty Co.                         6154 W. Vernor
  • Jerry’s Barbershop                      6341 W. Vernor
  • Jerry’s Barbershop                      1821/23 Livernois
  • Emiliano’s Barbershop                 7003 W. Vernor
  • Estetica Unisex Latina                 7149 W. Vernor
  • Metro Ink (SW Mixx Connection)  7244 W. Vernor
  • Sister’s Beauty Salon                   7246 W. Vernor
  • Unisex Hair Salon                        7643 W. Vernor
  • Model Hair Salon                         7727/23 W. Vernor
  • Carmen’s Barbershop                  8535 W. Vernor
  • Abby’s Salon                               2053 Springwells


  • Detroit Strain Station                   1918 Springwells


  • Fresh-Pak, Inc.                                 7939 W. Lafayette
  • La Jaliciense Tortilla Factory        4824/26/30 W. Vernor


  • Hacienda Mexican Foods             6016 W. Vernor


  • Exxon Mobil Gas Station              930 Springwells
  • Citgo Gas Station                           4415 W. Vernor
  • Shell Gas Station                            6171 W. Vernor
  • Citgo                                                 2257 Waterman
  • BP Gas Station                                7155/51 W. Vernor
  • Valero Gas Station                          2300 Central
  • Global Petroleum                           8900 W. Vernor
  • Clark Gas Station                            9037 W. Vernor


  • Beebe’s 2 Food Center                  1421 Springwells
  • Springwell Liquor                         1848 Springwells
  • La Posada Market                          1930 Springwells
  • Mark’s Market                               1941 Springwells
  • Vernor Food Market                     4711 W. Vernor
  • Ryan’s Foods Market                     5858 W. Vernor
  • Frank’s Party Store                        5878 W. Vernor
  • E&L Supermercado                       6000 W. Vernor
  • La Piedad Mercado                        7109 W. Vernor
  • La Fiesta Market                            7403 W. Vernor
  • Mardini’s Market                           7647/49 W. Vernor
  • La Mexicana Supermercado        7934 W. Vernor
  • La Tropicana                                   8710 W. Vernor
  • Vernor Food Center                       8801 W. Vernor
  • Liberty Pharmacy & Market         4802/4 W. Vernor


  • Gamble Plumbing & Heating        4435 W. Vernor
  • Hart & Associates Construction    7744 W. Vernor


  • State Farm Insurance                      5602 W. Vernor
  • All State Insurance                           7430 W. Vernor
  • State Farm                                          7721/25 W. Vernor
  • Fiesta Auto Insurance                       7938 W. Vernor
  • L.A. Insurance                                     7946 W. Vernor


  • SW Coin Laundry                                 1800 Springwells
  • La Fiesta Ice Cream/Laundromat      4801/5 W. Vernor


  • Law Office of Howard & Gupta           1020 Springwells
  • Abogados Latinos (Pastor & Associates) 7001 W. Vernor


  • Springwells Medical Clinic                   2117 Springwells
  • Family Dentistry                                    2217 Springwells
  • Family Dentistry                                    5705 W. Vernor
  • Clínica Medíca Familiar                       5831 W. Vernor
  • Vernor Chiropractic Clinic                   5901 W. Vernor
  • Chiropractic Clinic                                6785 W. Vernor
  • Foot Specialist                                       6807 W. Vernor
  • Vernor Dental Care/Cardiovascular Care    8044 W. Vernor


  • UNI Office                                   1832 Springwells
  • Focus Hope Food Center             6353 W. Vernor
  • La Sed                                        7150 W. Vernor
  • SDBA/WIC Office                        7752 W. Vernor
  • Detroiters Helping Each Other      8617 W. Vernor
  • Accounting Aid Society                8634 W. Vernor
  • Congress of Communities            8638 W. Vernor


  • Gold Exchange Shop                   1904 Springwells


  • CVS Pharmacy                           1935 Campbell/5841 Newberry
  • SW Discount Pharmacy               5851 W. Vernor
  • Town Pharmacy                          6170 W. Vernor
  • Rite Aid                                       7843 W. Vernor
  • CVS Pharmacy                           8115 W. Vernor


  • CSX Transportation                     6600 W. Vernor/6570 Dix


  • Muñoz Realty                              1619 Springwells


  • Cove Apartments                        1530 Springwells
  • Parkside Manor Apartments         7045 W. Vernor
  • Parkside Manor Apartments         7055 W. Vernor
  • Apartment Building                      7121 W. Vernor
  • House                                         7234 W. Vernor
  • Southwest Solutions Apartment    8724 W. Vernor
  • Southwest Housing Solutions       5716 Michigan Ave
  • Campbell Branch Library              8729/23/19/15 W. Vernor
  • Southwest Solutions Apartment    8748/6/2/0 W. Vernor


  • McDonald’s                                 1101 Springwells
  • El Asador                                    1312 Springwells
  • Vince’s Italian Restaurant            1341 Springwells
  • Family Treat                                2010 Sprignwells
  • Vernor Coney Island                    4430/40 W. Vernor
  • Little Cesar’s                               4635 W. Vernor
  • China House                               1650 Lansing
  • Chicago’s Pizza                           4650 W. Vernor
  • Taquería El Rey                          4730 W. Vernor
  • Colombo’s Coney Island              5414 W. Vernor
  • Palenque Restaurant                   5426/28 W. Vernor
  • Duly’s Coney Island                     5458 W. Vernor/1936 Junction
  • Ho Ho Village                              5821 W. Vernor
  • Donut Villa                                  5875 W. Vernor
  • El Rancho                                   5900 W. Vernor
  • McDonald’s                                 6003 W. Vernor
  • Subway                                      6166 W. Vernor
  • Burger King                                 6251 W. Vernor
  • Las Palmas Nevería                    7009 W. Vernor
  • Los Altos                                    7056/50 W. Vernor
  • J&J Coney Island                        7220 W. Vernor
  • El Nacimiento                              7400 W. Vernor
  • Domino’s Pizza                           7603 W. Vernor
  • Taquería Nuestra Familia             7620 W. Vernor
  • Paul’s Pizza                                7635 W. Vernor
  • Panda Express                            7930 W. Vernor
  • El Caribeño                                 8065 W. Vernor
  • La Terraza                                  8445 W. Vernor
  • Salpicon                                      8600 W. Vernor
  • Diseños Lili                                 1811 Springwells
  • Southwest Rides                         1824 Springwells
  • Botanica Fe y Amor                     1908 Springwells
  • Discoteca La Rancherita              2039 Springwells
  • Amy’s Shoes & Accessories         4465 W. Vernor
  • New San Juan Market                 4616 W. Vernor
  • Metro PCS                                  4639 W. Vernor
  • Family Dollar                               4645 W. Vernor
  • Futbol/Soccer Store                     4848 W. Vernor
  • Delia’s Fashion                            5407/9 W. Vernor
  • George’s Flower Shoppe             5421 W. Vernor
  • Hector’s Men’s Wear                   5449 W. Vernor
  • Payless Shoe Store                     5616 W. Vernor
  • Nice Price                                   5650/56 W. Vernor
  • 15 Primaveras                             5676/78 W. Vernor
  • Rodriguez Vaquerita                    5696/98 W. Vernor
  • Boost Mobile                               5708 W. Vernor
  • 99 Cents Plus Express                5811 W. Vernor
  • Dino’s Travel                               5815 W. Vernor
  • T-Mobile                                     5843 W. Vernor
  • Foot Locker                                6100 W. Vernor
  • Dollar Tree                                  6138/46 W. Vernor
  • Sprint                                         6158 W. Vernor
  • Family Dollar                               6365 W. Vernor
  • Dollar Central                              6415 W. Vernor
  • D&L Hardware (Ferretería)                    7000 W. Vernor
  • Viper Audio City                          7129 W. Vernor
  • El 7 Lenguas Western Wear        7143/41 W. Vernor
  • Dollar del Barrio                          7214 W. Vernor
  • Metro PCS                                  7440 W. Vernor
  • Cricket                                        7633 W. Vernor
  • Danto’s Furniture                         7701 W. Vernor
  • Rent-A-Center                             7821 W. Vernor
  • Boost Mobile                               7850 W. Vernor
  • Delia’s Fashion                            7910 W. Vernor
  • Mattress Outlet                           7924 W. Vernor
  • Hi-Tech Computers                     8026 W. Vernor
  • M&M Smoke Shop                      8101 W. Vernor
  • Dmex Printing                             8340 W. Vernor
  • Springwells Sound Systems         8623 W. Vernor
  • Payless Appliances                      8625 W. Vernor


  • Zapatería/Liberty Tax                  7755 W. Vernor
  • MG Oficinas- Income Tax Service          1006 Springwells
  • USA-MEX Tax Service                 1305 Springwells
  • Z-Exchange Tax                          6162 W. Vernor
  • Ameri-Mex Tax Service               7228 W. Vernor
  • H&R Block                                  7750 W. Vernor
  • Carrillo Business Services            7930 W. Vernor

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6 comments on “The people and places that make Southwest Detroit a great neighborhood to call home

  1. This article about S.W. Detroit was amazing. I live and work in S.W. Detroit. There are always fun things going on that people come from far and near to attend. Our community is family friendly.
    Many of my family and friends come here very often for the festivals, parades, grocery stores food trucks, bakeries, parks and especially the great restaurants. This part of Detroit is the most diverse. I've l ived here for over 16yrs and have no plans on moving. The are tons of no-profits, youth sport teams, schools and churches that always welcome volunteers. All are Welcome. By the way, there are many more places and things to do beyond Bagley Street and Mexicantown. You will be pleased

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