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Bottomless Toy Chest brings toys, smiles to kids at Children’s Hospital


Every kid wishes for a bottomless toy chest. Wouldn’t it be wonderful …

For kids fighting diseases at Children’s Hospital of Michigan that dream of a bottomless toy chest would be a trunk full of cures.

Doctors and researchers at Children’s work at that every day, but earlier this week that healing toy chest was just that … a toy chest.

The Bottomless Toy Chest, a nonprofit that delivers toys to children fighting cancer, made a special trip to deliver brand new gift-wrapped toys to every child in the hospital.

Its mission is simple – to help give kids with cancer a reason to smile. This year it will deliver more than 30,000 toys and activities to 11 hospitals throughout Michigan, Ohio, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The delivery at Children’s Hospital was special. Every patient, not just those fighting cancer, received a gift.



“We have been so very blessed over the past few years,” says Mickey Guisewite, founder and executive director of The Bottomless Toy Chest. “We wanted to expand our delivery of toys to include those hospitalized children who were also fighting other illnesses.

“Something as simple as a new toy will make the ordeal these brave children face every day just a little easier and can give them the will and strength to fight back,” he says. “It is my hope and prayer that these new toys will also make the day a bit brighter for these children and their families.”

Each brand new toy donated to The Bottomless Toy Chest is gift-wrapped in cellophane and ribbon by a volunteer. Where’s the pretty wrapping paper you might ask?

It’s not just to let the kids choose the toy they want. The cellophane gift-wrap keeps the items clean for children with weakened immune systems.

Best of all, it makes them smile.

“Thank you so much for lifting the spirits of so many children and their families – YOU ROCK Bottomless Toy Chest,” says Elise Bennett, director, marketing and public  relations at Children’s Hospital.

These pictures pretty much say it all.











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