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Hometown Reads showcases Detroit authors, helps them connect to readers


Did you ever wonder where authors get their inspiration? It could be a lot closer to home than you think.  A local organization called, “Weaving Influence” has started an initiative called “Hometown Reads” to draw attention to homegrown writers.

Here you can find the program’s main website, where they will help connect Detroit-area writers and help them market their work in superior ways. It’s hard to break in. Up to a million books are published each year, so many fall through the cracks and need the help to gather potential fans, especially the ones who are self-published.

“With so many books available, it’s not easy getting mine in front of potential readers. My mysteries all take place in the Motown area, so I’m hoping Hometown Reads can help spread the word,” said Mark Love, a former freelance reporter who now writes romance mysteries. “Just like the programs that encourage people to buy from local independent stores, buying books from local authors helps the author achieve the goal of sharing his stories. That’s one of the reasons we write!”

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The advent of digital media, there is a plethora of possibilities for creators, but it also creates its own set of problems.

“With the advent of digital publishing, it’s now easier than ever to publish a book, but more difficult to market one, given the sea of competition out there,” says author C.K. Brooke, who is currently featured on the Detroit Hometown Reads site. “Online marketing is time-consuming and expensive, and it’s tough to reach just the right audience.

“However, people tend to be more open and willing to support a local author whom they consider their neighbor. It’s also easier to reach people in one’s own hometown. Hometown Reads is a way to connect local authors and readers who both have a vested interest in their city and in each other.”

Already, the Hometown Reads website showcases a local work to suit every reader’s taste. Currently featured titles from metro Detroit include:







Detroit authors can still sign up to participate in the program at Hometown Reads authors will appear at local book events in the coming months. The program has already launched in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Grand Rapids and Toledo, with more cities joining weekly.

Weaving Influence, a boutique digital and public relations firm that specializes in serving authors, has launched nearly 70 books since its inception in 2012. Find more at Follow Hometown Reads on Twitter and Facebook for more news.

Writing is a fundamental expression of an author’s world. Why not connect with those whose worlds might be right down the street?

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