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Habitat for Humanity plans major blitz builds and rehabs in August

Habitat for Humanity at work

Many people talk about rebuilding Detroit, but Habitat for Humanity does it, literally.

So when you walk that walk, why not align yourself with ARISE Detroit!’s Neighborhoods Day, which is all about building a better Detroit. The combination of the physical restoration with the spiritual commitment is only natural. 

Habitat for Humanity Detroit has been a part of Neighborhoods Day since it began 10 years ago. This year’s Neighborhoods Day is Aug. 6 when thousands of volunteers will come together to build a better Detroit.

“”I’m proud that the citizens of Detroit and other organizations feel the civic responsibility,” says Sandra Cobb, Habitat for Humanity Detroit chief of community development. “They take part in an appreciation for the neighborhoods.”

Cobb is one of the many people who have aligned themselves with Habitat for Humanity Detroit in its 30 years of work.

At this year’s  Neighborhoods Day, Habitat for Humanity has two events lined up. One is blitz builds at three houses around Beaconsfield Avenue. The weeklong event runs from August 8-13.

A blitz build is a very fast build done with a lot of volunteers. Houses usually go up in 7 to 8 days. These full builds are a rarity. Most of the time blitz builds are used for rehab work.


The other project is rehab work at 3722 Tillman Street and 3027 Williams Street. Mostly centered around Tri-Centennial Village, it consists of primarily paint and priming jobs.  Habitat for Humanity is working with WXYZ’s Builder Day on the project.

The help Habitat for Humanity gives Detroit is deep and almost everyone knows its name, but not everyone knows just how much it does.  Most people think it is just building houses for the underserved. That’s true and it’s a major part of the mission, but it is far from all the organization does.

In addition to its most well-known work, Habitat for Humanity also does rehab construction work on houses making repairs, alterations, or additions, while maintaining the basic house design.

Its reStore provides building supplies and appliances to those who need them and conducts appliance repair classes for young people. Teaching them this valuable skill could open doors to a future career. With an ever-increasing dependency on appliances, it is indeed a sound profession.

Habitat for Humanity Detroit’s calendar fills up fast, since it plans a year ahead for Neighborhoods Day, which draws even more attention to its mission. That spotlight as shown a clear increase in volunteers since the group began working with ARISE Detroit!.

For all the images of blight associated with Detroit, it is good to see the strong attempts to replace or repair it. Habitat for Humanity’s work can only strengthen the city.

The Kresge Foundation is one of ARISE Detroit!’s major funders.

– Photos courtesy of Habitat for Humanity


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  1. How inspiring. I'm going to have to go and check this out. I wasn't aware they were doing blitz builds around the area or I would have joined. At least I know where to look in the future! It's so cool that there are volunteers building affordable housing in the area.

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