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Watch this movie and find out how the Spirit of Detroit was created


Take a break, watch this short movie and take a step back in history.

The Detroit Historical Society just released a short video about the making of the Spirit of Detroit.

The Marshall Fredrick statue has become one of Detroit’s most beloved sculptures over the past 58 years. As the narrator says “it serves as a reminder that the spirit of Detroit will endear forever.”

In 1955 Fredrick was commissioned by the Detroit/Wayne Joint Building Authority to create the statue.

In the 1959 film, you go on a journey to Oslo, Norway, where the sculpture was casted. It also shows artisans developing the signature green patina.

The journey from Oslo to Detroit via freighter was 4,800 miles. The Sprit of Detroit crossed the Atlantic Ocean, went through the Saint Lawrence Seaway, and finally the Great Lakes before making it to Detroit.

The Spirit of Detroit was dedicated on September 23, 1958.

–Reprinted with permission from Daily Detroit.


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