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Mackinac Policy Conference is set to start with big crowds, big conversations

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Hello, my name is Karen Dybis and I am an overly friendly blogger covering the Mackinac Policy Conference. And if you don’t say hello to me, I’ll slide right on up to you.

LogoDetroit Unspun/TheHUB is on Mackinac Island for the Mackinac Policy Conference 2016, and the conference is off to a promising start. The weather is phenomenal. The attendees seem in a good overall mood. The agenda is packed and has enough heft to it to elicit interesting and important discussions about the state of Michigan and its future.

But part of the excitement of covering this mega event — which blends politics with business with a whole lot of chatting at the Grand Hotel — is meeting people. Seeing their expressions. Talking about the stuff that matter to them and to this region.

So far, I have had the good fortune of sitting next to Jason Hall of Slow Roll on the ferry ride over. I got to meet Eric Thomas (of the “I Hate Detroit”) blog fame. I have stumbled into conversations with high rollers and porters and everyday people. Everyone who is vested in this region and its future success, no matter if they’re participating in the conference or if they’re just here for the day.

Mac 2My enthusiasm for this event is massive. But it is tempered with the realization that there is much to discuss and much to accomplish in the next three days. Detroit Unspun via this blog site will be here covering every keynote, checking out every Mackinac Moment, finding every possible newcomer to harass.

But, more importantly, we are here to hear about the city, its neighborhoods, its residents and their wants as well as needs. We are here to find out what is being done about Flint, about the schools, about urban redevelopment, about fiscal responsibility.

So stay tuned through this blog to what will happen next. It’s bound to be an interesting number of conversations about everything Michigan.

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