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Get on a bike, check out Detroit then grab a beer with Motor City Brew Tours

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If you’re going to grab a drink, you might as well go out and see Detroit while you do it. The Motor City Brew Tours allows you to do just that with its bike tours.

We are now entering the group’s bike tour season, which runs from May-September. These tours usually follow a theme about Detroit and offer a chance to learn about the city’s past, present and future.  Each ticket includes an organized small group ride, history stops, lunch and beer at a Michigan brewery, once you’ve fully had the chance to absorb the tour.

The tours include:

Prohibition History Bike & Brew Tour – One of this year’s ride goes around Belle Isle and along the RiverWalk, and focuses on Detroit and the time when alcohol was banned in America … perhaps to build more appreciation for the drinks at the end. Tour dates: June 18, July 3, July 23, August 21 and September 18.

Church History Bike & Brew TourThis one is new this year and gives a look at the spiritual side of Detroit’s past, while enjoying the beautiful architecture of churches that sit on the 10-mile route. There are no bike rentals for this tour. Tour dates: May 28, July 30 and August 27

Cork-Mex Town History Bike & Brew Tour – If you choose to go these 10 miles, you can find out about the history of Mexican Town and Cork Town. It is chance to find out just how the areas went from being simple neighborhoods to hot spots to live. You bike by Michigan Central Station, old Tiger Stadium and the West RiverWalk bike path. Tour dates: May 29, June 12, July 2 and September 25.

Auto History Bike & Brew Tour #1 – It is Detroit, so you can’t really talk about history without cars coming up. This ride along the Lower East Side gives you a brief, yet detailed look at just how our city put the world on wheels. Tour dates: June 5, July 10 and August 7.

Auto History Bike & Brew Tour #2 – Here’s another chance to learn about the industry that put Detroit on the map. A ride along Windmill Point Drive in Grosse Pointe gives you a lesson about the manufacturing history in the Jefferson-Chalmers area of Detroit. Tour dates: June 4, August 20 and Sept 24.

Rise and Fall of the Purple Gang Tour - They were probably the most infamous criminals in Detroit’s history, mostly the children of poor Jewish immigrants, the era of Prohibition gave them the chance to gain power and influence with a life of crime. Eventually it all came tumbling down. You have 15 miles to learn all about it. Tour dates: June 4, June 26, August 20 and September 24.

Tickets can be purchased here.

It isn’t often you get to learn about your part of the world and its rich history, all while burning calories to make room for a guaranteed drink.

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