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Dequindre Cut extension helps make Detroiters healthier so grab a bike or take walk


Biking along the new Detroit Greenway/Dequindre Cut Extension is a great way to stay healthy.

Just ask “Bike” Mike Neeley. Neeley, the founder of the D-Town Riders Bike Club. He knows first-hand having space for bicycling and walking is essential to one’s health.

In 2006, Neeley weighed 265 pounds and the outlook was grim. He had diabetes and high blood pressure.

His doctor told him he needed to get some sweat pants and ride a bike, even if the temperature hit 110 degrees. Neeley rode all summer. He eventually lost 70 pounds over a two-year period. It was a lesson in resiliency.


“Bike” Mike Neeley (far left) and friends

“This bike has saved my life,” Neeley says.

So, he and his team of bikers are going to support anything marginally related to biking, especially something as innovative as the Dequindre Cut Extension.

“It’s something good for the city,” Neeley says. “People see us riding, and they want to ride. And it’s healthy. It helped me. If I can ride my bike and it can help someone else, that’s what I want to do.”

Whether biking or walking, the Dequindre Cut Extension is a labor of love for its supporters.

“We are building a city that is more walkable, that is bikable, that is connected in ways that we haven’t seen in a long time,” says Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. “We’re going to keep building this greenway across the region.”

– Photos: Paul Engstrom

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  1. Another relative so satisfied with Shawn and Jim's experience. We all need a desire concept like this to keep us younger by complicated ourselves.

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