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New energy app from DTE helps customers keep costs down

DTE app

It’s no secret that paying bills is a drag, but DTE has a new app that can at least help avoid surprises in your energy bill. It helps keep the costs down by helping customers set a budget for their energy needs, and gives advice on how to live up to the plan.

The app also helps achieve the desired energy costs by updating those with it about the price of energy costs daily and when the energy use is reaching the desired maximum.   It’s a good way to keep your energy bills in mind while you live your day-to-day life.

“We’re always working to make the DTE Insight app experience better, and more useful,” says Joel Miller, DTE Insight program manager. “When customers asked for budget-monitoring functionality from the app – we listened and delivered. The app navigation is also more user-friendly, including new ‘swipe’ functionality, allowing a customer to quickly move from one screen to the next when browsing energy and budget data.”

The free DTE Insight app links a smartphone to a smart meter, allowing electric and natural gas customers to monitor their energy use. The app features:

  • Electricity and natural gas insight: View electric usage in a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual format
  • Natural gas usage data is available for customers with both DTE electric and natural gas service
  • Energy budget: Ability to set and monitor an energy budget aligned to a billing cycle
  • Push notifications: Opt-in notifications or messages, directly from the app, aligned with usage or budget targets
  • Energy bridge: This device, when connected to the app, communicates directly with the smart meter to obtain real-time energy data.
  • Energy tips & projects: Personalized energy efficiency projects with step-by -step instructions
  • PowerScan: View electrical appliances’ monthly operating costs by scanning the power cord with an iPhone
  • Product comparisons: Compare ENERGY STAR appliances

“The DTE Insight app is a huge hit with more than 155,000 downloads,” says Dave Meador, DTE Energy vice chairman and chief administrative officer. “We are very excited about the progress we’re making with the app, and will continue working to expand the value it offers our customers.”

Of the 155,000 who already downloaded the app, 33,000 of them requested an energy bridge to go along with it. Those who took advantage of both have saved an average 10 percent on their bills.

The new budget-tracking functionality is available on iOS and Android devices. DTE customers with an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone, and have the smart meter, can go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app today. To request an energy bridge, go to the app’s menu and select tools. Learn more about the app by watching this video or visit our website.

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