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Got a technology idea to help your business? Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition might give you $30,000 to implement it


Detroit and Michigan has always been filled with self-starters. That’s who we are. That’s how we build success.

Self-starters can always use a hand up … not mention an extra $30,000 and mentoring by business experts. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs here is your chance to have both.


All you have to do is enter Comcast Business’s Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs (i4E) competition. It’s easy. Write a 250-word essay explaining How could your business use technology to help enhance your business? Go to the Comcast Business Community to submit your application and essay and review the full program details. Get it done by March 12, 2016.

It’s worth well worth the time and effort.

Last year Pablo Ortega from the Fresh Co. Home Inc. building company in Lake Orion brought home the $30,000. His idea was to develop an app that would let contractors keep clients updated throughout every step of the building process.

Pablo Ortega

One of last year’s winners Pablo Ortega

Let’s bring the i4E award back to Michigan … better yet Detroit … this year.

Here is how the contest works.

Your entry will be judged and two winners will be selected in each of the 15 Comcast Business Regions. There will be one winner in each region for startup companies that have been in business two years or less. The second winner will be an entrepreneur in business for more than two years. All total there will be 30 regional winners and each will earn $10,000 in cash.

Six grand prize winners will be chosen from the regional winners – three startups and three entrepreneurs. Each of them will earn an additional $20,000 in cash. Plus winners get a trip to Philadelphia to spend a day attending group sessions with industry experts where they’ll hear the latest techniques on managing financials, growth strategies, operations, marketing and business planning to set their business up for success and growth. Those experts include:

  • Anita Campbell, founder, CEO & Publisher of Small Business Trends
  • Robert Irvine restaurateur, TV star and entrepreneur
  • John Jantsch, marketing consultant, speaker and best-selling author
  • Denice Hasty, senior vice president, product and marketing, Comcast Business
  • Sam Schwartz, chief business development officer at Comcast
  • Louis Toth, managing director for Comcast Ventures
  • Experts from Drexel University’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship.

Regional winners will be announced April 25. Voting from among the regional winners will take place between April 26 and May 13. The six grand prize winners will be announced June 6 with the Grand Prize event planned for August.

“Startup businesses and entrepreneurs play a key role in developing our economy and creating new jobs across the country, and technology can play an important part in helping them turn business goals into reality,” says Denice Hasty, senior vice president of product management and marketing at Comcast Business. “We have seen amazing ideas and examples of innovation from past i4E winners and participants, and we look forward to bringing opportunity to more innovative startups and entrepreneurs this year.”

This is the third consecutive year for the Comcast Business Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition.

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8 comments on “Got a technology idea to help your business? Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition might give you $30,000 to implement it

  1. This was a superior opportunity! When I read about a project that promotes entrepreneurship and fosters innovation for small businesses, such as this one, I see nothing but opportunity!

    Comcast Business is to be applauded for their sponsorship of this competition and YPO Local Biz believes the participation of the wide range of business professionals is an incredible boost that local Detroit businesses simply cannot get anywhere else.

    • On behalf of Comcast Business, we appreciate the kind words. We're very committed to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow!

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