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Comcast XFINITY store coming to Midtown


If you’re a Comcast customer in Midtown, downtown or other nearby neighborhoods you’ll be happy to know the company will now have a public face along Woodward, right along the M-1 RAIL.

Comcast will open its first Detroit XFINITY store at 3907 Woodward in January, which will create six new jobs in the city. The store will have 1,770 square feet of retail space.


“We’re very encouraged by the pace of growth and expectations for future growth in downtown and Midtown,” said Tim Collins, senior vice president of Comcast in Michigan. “This location is right along the M-1 RAIL, providing many of our customers easy access to get to us. Our company has deep roots throughout the city of Detroit that go back several decades. We were here during the tough times and are thrilled to be part of the ongoing resurgence of Detroit’s economy.”

Check out the store. You’ll be able to explore, learn, and talk with XFINITY experts and interact directly with the latest XFINITY products and services.

The Woodward store will be the fifth of its kind in Michigan.

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