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Comcast to ratchet up its speeds in downtown Detroit, Midtown, and add jobs

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Live in downtown Detroit or Midtown? Would you be thrilled to download a television show in about five seconds, or an HD movie in about 40 seconds?

It’s coming. Over the next year Comcast will invest $3 million in its local network to build fiber throughout the city, providing a new service with one-gigabit speeds.

That, plus other Comcast initiatives, will also add jobs in Southeast Michigan.

Timothy P. Collins, senior vice president of Comcast’s Heartland Region, will talk about what the cable provider’s improvements mean to your household or your business technology needs when he chats on the WXYT 1270 AM radio show “Small Talk with Mark Lee” Sunday (December 6) at 8 a.m.

Tim Collins and Mark Lee

L-R: Tim Collins and Mark Lee

Collins will discuss Comcast’s plans to hire 400 people in 2016 to fill call center, technician and other openings anticipated due to continued market growth, particularly in Southeast Michigan. With these new hires, Comcast hopes to build its customer service, a number one hot button issue among all Internet users, regardless of their provider.

“Our employees are good, but we always strive to be better,” says Collins. “Our technicians must possess a very high degree of knowledge and be exceptional problem-solvers, to diagnose and repair today’s complex service systems.”

Although Comcast strives to constantly improve the systems and tools that support its technicians, the so-called back-end of networks, it’s the front-end technician that leaves a lasting impression on the majority of Comcast customers.

The ability to make informed  product and service recommendations, diagnose and repair system or equipment issues is what separates Comcast from its competitors, says Collins.

Job-seekers interested in applying may visit:


Other guests in this week’s “Small Talk with Mark S. Lee” broadcast include:

  • Kim Schatzel, Ph.D., Eastern Michigan University interim president, provost and executive vice president of academic and student affairs. EMU has experienced record freshman class growth, continues to attract a diverse student population and is launching new academic programs to stay in alignment with future career demands. What’s behind this growth?
  • George Barnes, founder & CEO of Heritage Vision Plans, celebrating 40 years of business in Detroit. How does a business continue growing and remain relevant in a changing, competitive market, and what are its plans?
  • Paul Krutko, president & CEO, of Ann Arbor Spark. This regional business incubator and economic generator is celebrating its 10th anniversary. What are its keys to sustainability, relevance and growth?

Editor’s Note: “Small Talk with Mark S. Lee” airs live Sundays on WXYT 1270AM at 8 a.m. Same-day podcasts are streamed Sundays via and are available by 3 p.m. at

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