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Quality Dairy offers affordable fresh foods

Quality Dairy offers affordable, fresh foods
Neighborhood News Hub staff report

Fresh foods are well within reach of Lansing area customers thanks to Quality Dairy, a Lansing-based multi-unit convenience store chain.

Twenty-two of its 31 locations are well within Lansing’s city limits and within walking distance of many neighborhoods.

For the residents of Lansing, Quality Dairy provides a welcome oasis.

“It’s beautiful store,” says Ben Kohrman, a communications professional working in Lansing’s old town district.

A banana stand, which stands front in center in every location’s main store floor, serves as a signal to customers that they’re in for a different kind of shopping experience.

Priced at or below market rate, bananas and potatoes are always available at Quality Dairy.

“We don’t sell bananas to get rich.,” says Stan Whittacker, grocery category manager at Quality Dairy.

“We do it to make a difference.”

The retailer, which carries more produce products than many other area convenience stores, belies the myth that independent retailers cannot support fresh food sales.

Although Quality Dairy elects to sell bananas and potatoes at a loss, it’s other seasonal produce sales produce a profit, according to Whittacker.

The stores attractively stocked fresh food displays, complement its in-house bakery and commissary which features fresh sandwiches and salads.

While you won’t find more exotic varieties of fresh foods at Quality Dairy, what you can find is affordable salad ingredients like cucumbers, carrots and lettuce, as well as lemons, limes and other commonly used fresh produce.

It’s a welcome experience and a rewarding business model that others may soon follow.

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