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Comique Con celebrates women comic creators, introduces readers to amazing female artists


The first ever comic show dedicated to women creators is coming to Dearborn November 7 when the inaugural Comique Con debuts at the Arab American National Museum.

The show’s founder Chelsea Liddy, an avid follower of comics, noticed comic shows would often have panels about women working in comics, but they were … unsatisfactory. Usually, the questions would revolve around what it was like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry. Their work was a secondary topic, at best. One show’s Women in Comics panel didn’t even have any women on it.

Bothered by this, Liddy did a little research and found out there weren’t any shows focused on women creators. The closest she could find was Geek Girl Con. It’s more about animation, horror and science and creating community to foster continued growth of women in geek culture rather a focus than comics.

Swords of SorrowIn contrast, the Comique Con will feature comic headliners such as:

There will be a limited edition of Sword of Sorrows #1 available. It was written by all women and put together by comic superstar Gail Simone.

The show will also include panels. At one Kendall will talk about what it was like to be a part of Sword of Sorrows.

Leila Abdelrazaq

Leila Abdelrazaq

Leila Abdelrazaq, an Arab-American creator, will anchor a panel on Arab-American creators in comics. Her debut graphic novel, Baddawi, follows the childhood of her father, a Palestinian refugee, as he grows up in Lebanon’s Baddawi refugee camp and Beirut amidst political turmoil and Lebanon’s Civil War.


Other panels will include discussions on horror comics and how to break into comics. One panel will move beyond the comic world and look at sexism and racism … how they interact with each other and the proper way to combat them.

There will also be an all-ages panel, which looks at comics for kids as well as adults, and a hands-on workshop where kids will be able to make their own comics.

About 50 percent of the exhibitors and creators will be from metro Detroit so be sure and check them out.

Atypical of most comic shows, a board game room planned. This less than usual idea is to allow a break from the usual confusion of a comic show in an out of the way room.

Of course, there will be the now seemingly mandatory Cosplay contest at the show plus there’s an after party planned with special guest Sarah Donner, a musician whose work dabbles in the geekier of subjects.

Sarah Donner

Sarah Donner

Liddy has been working on the Comique Con for more than a year and booked the Arab America Museum back in October of 2014.

The Arab American Museum has been very supportive as Green Brain Comics, the sponsor of the event. Liddy works at that store.

“If not for Green Brain this wouldn’t be happening,” she said. Green Brain offers an eclectic selection of titles that go beyond the biggest publishers.

Another local ally was Mecca Con, which focuses on minority creators and launched its first show last year. It’s providing tables and lighting.

“(I’m) really excited to highlight the work of females in comics,” Liddy says.

She expects 400-500 attendees and flyers will be hitting local areas soon. For more information, please visit the website You can also follow Comique Con on Facebook.

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