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Brass street bands ready to crash Detroit


This weekend brass will be the official metal of Detroit when eight brass bands perform at Crash Detroit.

Presented by the Detroit Party Marching Band, the event brings eight bands from across the country together for a day of live music, dancing, fun and food in Corktown’s Roosevelt Park on July 18.

That’s the main event.


The bands will play impromptu performances throughout the city in the evening on Friday, July 17. They’ll be spontaneous so keep your phone handy. Tentative locations will be released the day before and live tweeted throughout Friday night.

“We are looking to bring the city of Detroit alive on Friday with seven simultaneous impromptu performances” says James Hartrick, Crash Detroit organizer and member of the Detroit Party Marching Band. “We hope audience members will share the unique experience of this music, both in concert on Saturday and in the streets on Friday.”


Saturday’s performance will feature some of the Midwest’s most acclaimed bands. You can check out the food trucks if you get hungry and take in the new windows at the Michigan Central Station, which is behind Roosevelt Park. Admission is free.

The bands playing are the Jefferson Street Parade Band, Gabriel Brass Band, Environmental Encroachment, Extraordinary Rendition Band, Rhyta Musik, The James Cornish Ensemble, Detroit Party Marching Band and Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band. There will also be a performance by Satori Circus. Satori Circus is one of Detroit’s longest lasting performance artists. He combines music, film, theatre, slapstick, vaudeville, poetry and movement into a madcap show.

“Our goal is to offer a totally unique musical experience for the crowd and to grow the brass band scene in Detroit and around the rest of the Midwest,” says Hartrick. “There are no stages or amplification – all performances will blur the line between audience and performers.”

Visit, for the full schedule of performances.



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