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Detroit’s Children’s Sensory Garden is a miracle grow


The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative’s Children’s Sensory Garden in Detroit’s New Center is a reality and it has many of you and ScottsMiracle-Gro to thank.

GRO1000 PHOTO 6Last week ScottsMiracle-Gro representatives and community leaders helped build and dedicate the new children’s sensory garden as part of the ScottsMiracle-Gro® GRO1000 garden and green space program.  They were able to beat the weather and got lots of great planting accomplished and the Children Sensory Garden is officially open.

It all began last December when Michigan Urban Farming Initiative representative and president, Tyson Gersh, headed to Pasadena, Calif., to meet and consult with TV personality and DIY expert Ty Pennington on garden projects. The representatives also rode the award-winning “Life Starts Here” Miracle-Gro float in the 2015 Rose Parade to campaign for votes to bring the grant to Detroit.

Detroiters stepped up and voted … and voted … and voted. The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative got more than 55% of all votes to earn the $40,000 grant to help create the new children’s sensory garden designed to provide a hands-on, outdoor classroom for local youth to experience nature firsthand using their five senses.

GRO1000 PHOTO 1The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative was announced as the GRO1000 People’s Choice Community Garden Grant winner in Feb. 2015.

This effort in Detroit is part of Scotts GRO1000 initiative that aims to create 1,000 community gardens and green spaces by 2018, the Company’s 150th anniversary.  So far, 644 gardens/green spaces have been completed and this event marks the 18th GRO1000 green space site supported in Michigan.

“The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative embodies the GRO1000 urban revitalization mission and we look forward to seeing all the benefits this garden brings to the area,” said Su Lok, director, corporate and community partnerships at Miracle-Gro, when the award was announced. “It takes a community to grow a garden and that’s why Miracle-Gro and GRO1000 are bringing greener spaces, revitalized food deserts and blossoming pollinator gardens to communities across the country.”

GRO1000 PHOTO 2The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative uses agriculture as a platform to promote education, community and sustainability in Detroit’s North End neighborhood.

The sensory garden is part of the two-square block area east of Woodward that includes an urban farm, community resource center and retro-fitted shipping container.

As Scotts Luk says, it takes a community to grow a garden and Detroiters sure played a big part in making this sensory garden flourish.

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