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Get Ready, Detroit: Friday is National Donut Day, and These Sweet Shops Will Feed You Well

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It’s pretty much office law: If you show up with a box of donuts, you’re pretty much the most popular person there that day.

Donut 2So why not honor that law and what has to be one of the greatest days of the year in one swoop? Friday marks National Donut Day, and Krema wants to be your first stop.

Krema is the new European coffee bar and gelato shop located in the heart of Greektown. To find new friends and to honor National Donut Day, Krema will be celebrating with its namesake treat, the Kremnut.

In what might be one of the smartest and tastiest marketing moves in the city that day, Krema is offering guests a complimentary coffee beverage with the purchase a Kremnut. Win-win, don’t you think, donut fans?

So what is a Kremnut, exactly? Way more than a donut, Kremnuts are made-from-scratch daily by the experienced team behind Detroit’s historic Astoria Bakery. Layers (81, in fact) of airy croissant dough, formed into a round and lightly fried, are filled with house-made custards, fresh fruits or classics like Nutella.

Several varieties are available daily, while others rotate with seasons and availability. Guest favorites include Apple Cinnamon, Crème Brule Kremnut and the Nutella Kremnut (kinda in love with those last two).

Krem,  located at 531 Monroe Street in Greektown, is open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (midnight on weekends).

So what, exactly, is National Donut Day? According to historians, it was first celebrated in 1938 as a tribute to a World War I tradition. As lore has it, war rations were pretty awful, so members of the Salvation Army brought soldiers free donuts to give them some sugar…and boost their spirits. Held every year on the first Friday in June, this year’s event will be the 78th annual celebration.

Outside 1Want to make it a full day of donut fun? Here are a few other suggested stops for donut greatness around Metro Detroit:

•    Donut Villa: Located at 5875 Vernor Highway in Detroit. “Home of the Original Nickelnut,” or the best donut hole in this Mexican hotspot.
•    Donut Cutter: Located at 28173 Woodward in Detroit. So fresh, yet so old school. The plain glazed is a piece of light, fluffy heaven.
•    Dutch Girl: Located at 19000 Woodward in Detroit. The king of all Detroit-based donut shops. You aren’t a Detroiter if you don’t eat a Dutch Girl donut now and again.
•    Donutville USA: Located at 14829 Ford Road in Dearborn. This place never changes – and that’s a good thing. Buy at least a dozen here or you’ll regret it.

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