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Dinosauria is back: It’s Zoorassic Park at Detroit Zoo

Dinosauria 6 - Jennie Miller

Experience the creatures that ruled the earth 65 million years ago.  No time machine necessary, only enough gas to get you to Royal Oak.

The Detroit Zoo will have 40 animatronics recreations of the terrible, fearsome lizards, complete with snarls and roars … and even spit … from May 22 through Sept. 7.

Dinosauria is back!

This is the first time that the exhibit has been at the zoo since 2011 and it’s the largest of its kind in the country.  There will be adult dinosaurs, young ones and eggs … all inside the four-acre Dino Trail, assuring that you are never long at all without a dinosaur in your sights.

The prehistoric beasts, reborn through modern technology, had their steel frames built at Texas-based Billings Productions.  They were then covered with intricately painted foam rubber skin.  Most importantly though are the high-tech electronics and air pistons, which give the illusion of life by powering the claws, teeth and roars.

Dinosauria 5 - Jennie MillerDinosauria is open daily through Labor Day, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and until 8:00 p.m. Wednesdays during July and August.

Tickets for the experience are $5.00, with admission to the park, which you can do either at a booth at the zoo or online at

Those who still don’t have their prehistoric needs filled, there is more.

At the Wild Adventure Zone in the Ford Education Center there is a 15-minute 4D movie, “Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure 4-D.”  This takes a look at the predators that lurked beneath the waves 82 million years ago.

There is also “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – The Ride.”  This simulated ride follows the main characters from the hit film franchise as one finds three abandoned dinosaur eggs in an underground world, and decides to raise them.

These two events are also $5.00 with Detroit Zoo admission and are available at main admissions, the Wild Adventure Zone ticket booth or online.



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