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Pitch in to help Motor City Makeover spruce up Detroit’s neighborhoods

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If you haven’t signed up for Motor City Makeover there’s still time and there sure is need.

The makeover will be held three Saturdays in May. The city’s 1st and 2nd districts will be “made over” on May 2.  They are on the west side. Work will be done in the 3rd, 4th and 5th districts on the east side on May 9. The 6th and 7th districts in central and southwest Detroit will be tackled on May 16.

If you are interested in helping you must register with the City of Detroit to receive limited supplies and to schedule a pickup of bagged litter. To sign up go to Motor City Makeover on the City of Detroit website.

motor city makeroverHere are some neighborhoods that ARISE Detroit! says could use your help.

North End Christian CDC

Project: Vacant lot cleanup, boarding up of house near urban farm. Location: Northeast Detroit.

Volunteers needed: 50

Contact: Jerry Ann Hebron, 313-903-0049

Princeton Block Club

Project: Neighborhood and alley cleanup.  W. McNichols/Livernois area near University of Detroit Mercy.

Volunteers needed: 30

Contact: Denise Kennedy 248-910-5285

Stout Street Block Club

Project: Landscaping, painting, yard cleanup. Brightmoor area on Detroit’s west side.

Volunteers needed: 25

Contact: Ora Williams 313-531-2025 or 313-330-4724

Diamondz House of Care

Project: Alley cleanup in area around Parker Elementary School, Detroit west side

Volunteers needed: 15

Contact: Denise Lomax 313 704-8290

The Phillip House Mission

Project: Cleanup and beautification.

Volunteers needed: 15

Contact: Kay Brown at 313.828.2202 or

Yorkshire Woods Community Organization

Project: Debris cleanup on east side of Detroit.

Volunteers needed: 25

Contact: Mose Primus Jr., 313-909-4564 or

Great Communities Now 

Project: Painting, graffiti removal, debris removal in area around school and playfield on east side of Detroit

Volunteers needed: 25

Contact: Norma Danzie 313-839-0521 or or Jackie Perkins 313- 719-8396 or

Virtual Block Club

Project: Debris and litter cleanup of west side neighborhood.

Volunteers needed: 15

Contact: Althea Armstrong 313-673-8512, 213-495-1216,

Virginia Park Community Coalition

Project: Cleanup of 16 blocks on Detroit west side, trash pickup, etc.

Volunteers needed: 25

Contact, Joyce Moore, 313-465-3299 or

Mapleridge Block Club

Project: Neighborhood cleanup, east side. Working with East Side Unity Association.

Volunteers needed: 15

Contact: Pamela Ingram 313-293-184 or 313-526-5279 or

Gratiot McDougall

Project: Debris removal around blighted houses, sweeping, residential areas of many blighted and burned houses, east side

Volunteers needed: 30

Contact: Jennifer Hatchett 313-207-1531 or

Children Investment CDC

Project: Debris removal from vacant lot at Gratiot at Mt. Elliott, site of Gratiot Splash on Neighborhoods Day

Volunteers needed: 40

Contact: Josie Kimball 313 212-4361

Cody Rouge Action Alliance

Project: Major home board up work, blight removal, lawn cutting, west side of Detroit

Volunteers needed: 100

Contact: Ebony Frost, (313) 452-4207, email:

To sign up go to Motor City Makeover

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