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See Detroit on the Baroudeur bike ride, help raise dollars for Wayne State scholarships


Here’s a great image.

The wind blows past you as your bike zooms through Detroit and a crowd of bikers ride alongside you.

detroit-baroudeurIf you want this to be reality, not an image, there is good news. And, if you want that ride to help those in financial need get to college, the Baroudeur non-competitive bike ride through Detroit is for you. The ride on August 22 will raise money for Wayne State University scholarships.

You can choose from five routes, depending on your experience level. No matter which one you choose, the Baroudeur will take you to some of Detroit and Southeast Michigan’s most iconic sights and landmarks. It will be a great ride.

Here are the routes:

WSU’s president. M. Roy Wilson, an avid cyclist, has a commitment to increasing access to Wayne to qualified students. It was only a matter of time before the two thing combined ion his head.

“As an avid cyclist, I have gotten to know the city and state by participating in cycling events,” said Wilson. “My wife Jacqueline has indulged me and has even joined in a number of these events. Riding a bike through Detroit offers a fun, different perspective of the city that you just can’t get any other way. I look forward to sharing that experience with the community, while raising funds to ensure economically disadvantaged students have an opportunity to pursue a college degree.”

No matter your riding level, the Baroudeur’s director Matt Lockwood encourages you to take part.

“We designed The Baroudeur course to highlight the unique beauty of Detroit and its surrounding communities,” he said. “We’re going to take riders to places like Belle Isle, Lakeshore Drive in the Grosse Pointes, Palmer Park, and Gross Ile before they cross the finish line where we will kick off a post-race party in the center of our Midtown campus.”

The name Baroudeur means fighter or warrior in French. That name aligns with the school’s Warrior mascot. In cycling it applies to those who break away from the peloton to go their own way, even if they are underdogs.

Author Paul Fournel describes baroudeurs as “adventurers, opportunists and chancers. They do not seek the love of their colleagues in the peloton, but strain at the leash, pushing against convention, experimenting and taking risks. They are generalists and polymaths, adept at multiple disciplines.”

WSU says “students and alumni are baroudeurs at heart, and all are Warriors.”

For a $36 entry fee you can take part in cycling event. It includes refreshments along the route, lunch after the ride, two tickets for Michigan craft beers, a limited edition T-shirt, ride support and free parking.

All the proceeds go straight to scholarship funds aimed at the economically disadvantages.  Registration is open to the public, and can be done at You can also volunteer to help with the race.

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