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A grand slam day for Pershing High School baseball and softball thanks to $5,000 award


Imagine you are a 16-year-old pitcher, settling in for another mundane day at school, only to have the monotony shattered by the knowledge that your school’s baseball and softball teams will be receiving $5,000 in assistance.  This was a reality at Pershing High School in Detroit.

The money was presented by Comerica Bank and the Detroit Tigers as part of Comerica’s Grand Slam Grant to aid baseball and softball programs.


Rajai Davis

The Tiger’s own Rajai Davis acted as a celebrity judge for the program’s committee.  Davis participation does not end there, he will be part of a check presentation before the April 18 game against the (as we Cubs fans say) hated Chicago White Sox.

Joining Davis in the ceremony will be representation from recipients of the Grand Slam Grant’s aid in previous years.

Started in 2011, The Grand Slam Grant was founded to help high schools in Michigan who needed to expand, improve, or even create baseball or softball programs. Previous winners include Cass Technical High School, Lincoln Park High School, Detroit Renaissance High School, Holland High School, Kalamazoo Central High School, Mona Shores High School and Robichaud High School.

The diamonds of America’s pass time will not go abandoned within the Great Lakes State, especially in Detroit so long as groups keep breathing life into the youth’s passion for it.

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