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Kids find the tipping point: Every 45 minutes a child enters an emergency room because of a TV tip-over


We all remember our mothers telling us that too much TV will turn our brains to mush … there are certainly some shows that would do that … but there is a more physical danger… televisions toppling over on kids. The problem is so common Gov. Snyder has declared February 1 Furniture, Appliance, and TV Tip-Over Day. 

Ways to prevent these kinds of events are usually very simple. Things like rearranging furniture, installing braces and wall-mounting straps to secure large or heavy furniture or appliances, and recycling old an unused appliances is not only easy, but can make all of the difference.

If you haven’t secured your TVs and other appliances yet, this shocking video from the Consumer Product Safety Commission will send you right to the hardware store.

Here are some very scary statistics.

Every 45 minutes a child enters an emergency room because of a TV tip-over somewhere in America. Seven out of ten of these children are under the age of 5. These visits add up to $8.3 million when all the accidents for those 19 and under across the nation are added up. That number doesn’t even reflect the long-term effects … disability, medical support and reduced quality of life. It was statistics like this that caused Snyder to take action.

It is made all the more alarming when you see that between 2000 and 2010 child deaths caused by TV-tips averaged to one every three weeks. In just the last two years there were 25,300 injuries to children annually.

Joann Moss

Joann Moss

These astonishing facts were brought to the attention of the Michigan government (among others) by Joan Moss the Injury Prevention Education Coordinator with the Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program (KIPP) and Metro-Detroit Safe Kids Coordinator for the Children’s Hospital of Michigan at the Detroit Medical Center.

“The Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program works with the Michigan Department of Community Health, Safe Kids Worldwide and other organizations to reduce the unintentional death and injury of children,” says Moss. “We are thrilled that the governor has made it a priority to raise awareness of this important issue that most people aren’t aware of.”

Other ways to guard children from peril can be found at


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