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Michigan Farming Initiative hopes to bring Children’s Sensory Garden to New Center and they need your vote


It’s amazing what Detroit can accomplish when we all work together. Here’s an opportunity to do just that with a simple click of your mouse.

Here’s the deal.

float_fullDetroit is in competition with three other cities for a $40,000 Urban Farming Grant from Miracle Gro. The grant will help fund a Children’s Sensory Garden in the New Center neighborhood. That garden will provide a hands-on, outdoor classroom for local youth to experience nature firsthand.

Now that would be very cool.

Here’s what you do. You can vote once each day through February 9.  Just click this link 

It’s a great way to show support for gardening in Detroit.

We’ve shown support this kind of support for the city before. Thanks to your votes, Detroit was named the best sports town in the US and our riverfront was ranked as one of the Top 10 riverfronts in the US by the USA Today Readers Choice Awards.

Here’s a little background on the Urban Farming Grant program.

The video above was submitted by Detroit’s Michigan Farming Initiative, along with this project description … 

Faced with challenges of vacant land, blighted property, food insecurity and nutritional illiteracy, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative uses agriculture as a platform to promote education, community and sustainability in Detroit’s North End neighborhood. Creation of the new Children’s Sensory Garden will provide a hands-on, outdoor classroom for local youth to experience nature firsthand using their five senses. 

Miracle Grow launched the GRO1000 community outreach initiative in 2011. It will result in the creation of 1,000 community gardens and green spaces by 2018, which is the company’s 150th anniversary.

You can also check out the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative on Facebook.

So vote every day through February 9 by clicking on this link

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