Detroit grocery stores getting facelifts thanks to Green Grocer Project

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Sixteen Detroit grocers are revitalizing and restoring their stores to bring the best and freshest food to the city in a pleasing setting.

The exterior of the stores will be spruced up with the help of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s Green Grocer Project.  The economic engine for this endeavor is $5.3 million, $500,000 of which has been contributed by the Green Grocer Project.

work doneMajor updates and fixing ups include, replacing older facades with attractive outer materials, inviting signage and awnings, interesting windows and displays, improved lighting, revamped parking and seasonal landscaping.

The program required a one-to-one match for every grant dollar provided by GGP, but the average for all participating grocers averaged more than nine-to-one.

“We had remarkable participation from Detroit’s independent grocers, who are investing far more in these facelifts than we anticipated,” said Mimi Pledl, program manager for the Green Grocer Project. “Store owners are excited about the renewed interest in shopping close to home at neighborhood stores, and we are happy to help them.”

Indian Village MarketAmong the store upgrading with help of the GGP and their own determination are:

  • Kit Kat Market, 8330 Harper Ave.
  • E&L Supermarket, 6000 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • Food Farm Supermarket, 11550 Dexter Ave.
  • Farmer John, 9731 Harper Ave.
  • University Foods, 1131 W. Warren Ave.
  • Food Town, 7811 Gratiot Ave.
  • Garden Fresh MarketPlace, 6680 Michigan Ave.
  • 7 Mile Foods, 8139 E. 7 Mile Rd.
  • Indian Village Market, 8415 E. Jefferson Ave.

“Several years ago we made significant improvements inside the store, but the outside still had the hard look of concrete slabs and high security that was common 30 or 40 years ago,” said Suhel Kizi, an owner of Family Fair Foods at 700 Chene Street in Lafayette Park. “The $200,000 renovation to the entrance will create an open, welcoming appearance that our customers expect and deserve.”

It is no secret that any area needs access to fresh and affordable food, and that is the goal of the Green Grocer Project. By providing grants with support from the W.K Kellogg Foundation, The Kellogg Foundation and the Hudson Webber Foundation it helps get the highest quality fresh food get to the most people possible.

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