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Shinola launches second Makers Monday campaign to get people to Buy American … and Detroit

Makers Monday 1

Made in America.

Maker's Monday logoThe past few years have seen these three words go from a random fact about a product to a point of pride. December 1 this renewed sense of pride and respect for homegrown builders, artisans, and craft people will be highlighted on Makers Monday.

One year ago, Shinola came up with the Makers Monday idea of campaigning for consumers to buy American and share it via social networks on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. As part of the initiative, consumers are also encouraged pledge to buy American-made products and to share their pledge – and, later, their American-made purchase – on their social networks. You can make your pledge by clicking here.

The pledge to help support U.S. makers while ushering in the holidays could bring $2.4 billion to local economies if every adult in the country spent just $10 that first Monday after Thanksgiving.

As Shinola says “A new generation of Americans have emerged who are making not just as a hobby, but as a career-learning and appreciating the trades of those who came before and incorporating these values into their own lives and practices.”

One day a year is not enough so Makers Monday now has a year-around website that brings attention to American Made products. Using consumer reports and recommendations the site is evolving into a crowd-sourced database of American makers.  Details on almost any type of product you could think of are posted, along with showcasing the people behind the best American-made products and the passion and dedication that goes into making them.  The profiles will be posted every Monday on

Detroit area makers listed today include:

AK Style

AK Style

There’s room for more businesses. You can register yours by clicking here.

This year Shinola teamed up with and athletic shoe manufacturer New Balance and Cool Hunting to spread the word from shore-to-shore. Cool Hunting is a daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture and technology.

Makers Monday has several social channels dedicated to their cause. Those who want to participate, or who are merely curious can find out more at: Facebook: Instagram: Pintrest: Email:

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