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Here’s your chance to tell Detroit’s leaders what’s next to continue the city’s turnaround

01-11-12 Detroit view from Broderick Tower

Downtown Detroit has made dramatic changes over the past few years. It’s the beginning of a turnaround success. There’s more retail. There are more condos and apartments. There are more businesses moving downtown. There are more people working and living downtown. There are more restaurants and bars.

There are also plans to make Downtown more walkable, light up our storefronts at night, reinforce historic streets and buildings, add more bike paths and bike lanes and provide amenities for downtown residents, employees and visitors.

Still there is much more to do … and you can have a say in what should be done and how.

downtown_detroit_partnershipJust get out your pen … OK, I really mean open your computer, iPad or iPhone… and take the perceptions survey from the Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP). You can share your opinions and offer feedback by visiting What you have to say will help the DDP shape its key programs and initiatives going forward.

“As Downtown Detroit’s growth and transformation progresses rapidly, we know the habits and perceptions of our key audiences are advancing at the same pace,” said Eric Larson, DDP CEO.  “As stewards of Downtown Detroit, the DDP is dedicated to delivering effective and valuable programs and services for our stakeholders.”

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.

You’’ll be asked about your perceptions on safety, cleanliness, parking, hospitality and other factors in Downtown Detroit. Once you finish don’t forget to register to win a $100 gift card to Pure Detroit and Blumz by JRDesigns. Do it quickly. The survey closes on Oct. 31.

“This survey will not only help the DDP shape our programs, but will be shared with our partner, the Downtown Detroit Business Improvement Zone, so that they can effectively develop a scope of services for the city’s diverse users and audiences,” Larson said.

After cleanJust in case you haven’t heard of the Downtown Detroit Business Improvement Zone (the BIZ) it was established in April of this year is a special assessment district formed by property owners that provides cleaning, safety and landscaping services to keep Downtown Detroit clean, safe and beautiful. It will generate an annual budget of $4 million through assessments contributed by 573 commercial properties in the BIZ area. Leadership guiding the BIZ consists of 15 representatives of Downtown’s diverse business community.

Other cities with a BIZ have seen a terrific uptick in cleanliness, safety, landscaping services and marketing of their businesses.

An independent research firm, LaVerdad Marketing & Media, is conducting the study on behalf of DDP.  Results from the survey will be made available later this fall and the Hub will make sure you see them. For more information about the survey and DDP visit

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