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There’s a new 5-foot tall baby at the Detroit Zoo


A newborn giraffe fell 5 feet to the earth from its Kivuli mother as it was welcomed to the Detroit Zoo on September 20 at 6:35 pm.

The small free fall was enough to break the umbilical cord of the fresh faced offspring of  5-year old mother, Kivuli, and a 6-year old  father, Jabari.

Kivuli and Calf - photo by Jennie Miller

Kivuli and Calf – photo by Jennie Miller

Having a baby giraffe is now easy task. The whole gestation period took 15 months and ended outside in the giraffe habitat with a newborn that took its first steps an hour later and was running with its mothers within a few more. The animal care staff who care for the new mom and her baby said the newborn nursed all through the night.

“The calf appears strong and healthy, all legs and very curious,” said Scott Carter, Detroit Zoological Society chief life sciences officer. “Kivuli is showing great maternal care; she’s very attentive and affectionate.”

It is still a mystery as to which gender this new member of the zoo family belongs to. There are still many veterinary examinations that need to be performed before the question of sex can be answered, so far those tests have the giraffe at 5 ft. tall, weighing 150 pounds.  While said results already have the giraffe rivaling some adults, it is still a far cry from the 20 ft. and 2,500 lbs. that the animals can reach.

With fall now here, the new addition and its mother will spend most of their time in the giraffe building but may still be spied outside when the temperatures allow it.

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