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Start your engines and get ready for the MotorCity Gumball Rally from Detroit to Chicago … no speeding

2013 MotorCity Gumball Rally

As August approaches the finish line coming up fast in its mirror is The MotorCity Gumball Rally with 100 custom and high-end cars.

2014-MCG-Logo2On August 23 and 24 drivers from all over the country will gather in Detroit to compete in a timed road rally on a secret route starting in Detroit, navigating its way to Chicago, Illinois and ending back in Campus Martius. This is no easy trip. Checkpoints and challenges will be sprinkled into the route making the rally both a physically and mentally demanding competition.

So why would people would themselves to this timed tournament with checkpoints and challenges?  Money.  The racers will compete for cash and prizes.  However, it is not an exercise in pure greed. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Reach Out Worldwide charity, and there will be toy donations going to the Toys for Tots Foundation.

Monroe Street facing Greektown Casino and Hotel will be closed down to at 8:00 am on Saturday, August so the cars can line up for the rally. For all those who will want to keep track of the event and join in the excitement, this is the perfect opportunity to come down and take advantage of the invitation to watch the racers warm up.  Detroit Police escorts will be onsite to guide the line of cars through the local streets before releasing them onto the highway.

An interactive mobile phone driving app will give the drivers clues to each checkpoint, in the form of an app.  The app will also help ensure safety by keeping the racers aware of the speed limit in each area they drive through. Other than that the ability to make it from one checkpoint to another is dependent upon the drivers and navigators own skills and knowledge of general information.  Once they arrive at each checkpoint a physical challenge must be completed to move on.

Once all drivers have reached Chicago on Saturday night, they will settle in for a night and enjoy a dinner, a VIP style party and a luxury hotel.  The next morning the cars meet and it starts all over again, but this time ending at Campus Martius.

It all comes to a close at 6:00 pm Sunday night, August 24, back in Detroit.

Anyone of any age is welcome to come down and greet the drivers once they have returned to the Motor City for the finishing party.  The party will be complete with music from a DJ and a live performance from up and coming artist JSR.  There will also be local graffiti artist creating onsite and food and drink will also be available to the public at large along with Red Bull Wings team.

A special auction with a chance to win exclusive prizes will take place for charity. All car enthusiasts are encouraged to bring out their rides to enter a car show with prizes awarded to the winners in various categories.

Car from 2013 MotorCity Gumball Rally

Car from 2013 MotorCity Gumball Rally

The MotorCity Rally Club was founded in 2011 by Waseem Qureshi and Alex Haggart, a pair of avid car enthusiasts who followed events like the Gumball 3000, Bullrun and goldRush Rally for many years.

“Given the fact that these major automotive events rarely ever come near our home state, we felt that Michigan deserved to be a part of something similar to these exciting events,” they say on their website. “We set out with a goal to create an upscale, high-end automotive event that appropriately originated in the home of the automobile, Detroit “Motor City” Michigan.”

The first rally in September 2012 began at the MotorCity Casino. The first day ended at Crystal Mountain Spa and Resort in northwest Michigan.  The rally ended the next day at Cauley Ferrari in West Bloomfield.

In 2013, the MotorCity Gumball Rally went from Detroit to Indianapolis and back ending inside an airplane hangar located at an actual working airport on Grosse Isle.

Start your engines and remember … no speeding.

For more information please visit: You can also follow them on Facebook.

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