It’s becoming a lighter, brighter Detroit

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Detroit has gotten brighter still as Public Lighting Authority (PLA) finished installing LED lights in every residential neighborhood in three areas codes … 48205, 48219 and 48223.

Where are these area codes you ask?

48205 neighborhood

48205 neighborhood

48205 is on the east side by the Coleman A. Young International Airport (City Airport) and is bordered by 8 Mile on the north, Kelly Rd. on the west, Hoover Rd. on the east and almost to Outer Drive on the south. It has been labeled one of Detroit’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Getting the lights on will help change that.

48219 neighborhood

48219 neighborhood

48219 is on the west side and is bordered 8 Mile on the north, the Southfield Freeway on the east and Five Points on the west, and to just south of McNichols.

48223 neighborhood

48223 neighborhood

48223 is bordered by Telegraph on the east, the Southfield on the west, just beyond the Jeffries on the south and just south of McNichols on the north.

Now that that PLA has completed installing the lights in these three area codes it will, for the first time, have responsibility for keeping the lights on in those areas. From this point forward, any maintenance or repairs needed on the new LEDs will be handled by the PLA in 5 days or less. If residents need to report any damages or outages of the lights installed by the PLA, they should call (800)477-4747 or visit

Some neighborhoods have complained they need more light so crews have gone back out to those area, adding more lights or tilting them differently to get the most light possible, according to a story in the Detroit News.

“The team at the Public Lighting Authority is doing an incredible job relighting our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “I run into people every day who stop me to thank me for the new street light in front of their house. It is the most visible sign of how the city is improving for our residents.”

Additionally, the PLA has met the July 31 deadline it set for finishing installation of street lights in the two pilot areas on major thoroughfares, collector streets and remaining residential streets, all of which use underground wiring.

Last year two sections were designated to begin the relighting process. The boundaries for the eastside section are Eight Mile, Kelly Rd., Hoover and Houston Whittier. The west side boundaries will be McNichols on the north, Southfield Rd. on the east, Fenkell on the south and the city boundary on the west.

“We’re pleased to report that the PLA is well ahead of our installation schedule, with more than 14,000 lights installed,” said PLA CEO Odis Jones. “That is more than 3,000 lights ahead of our original installation schedule for the end of July.”

The job is still a way off from being finished though, now comes replacing the lights in all of the other neighborhoods. That is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2015, with the major thoroughfare work ending in late 2016.

Back in April the PLA said it was two-thirds done with its pilot program of relighting the streets with LED lights. At that time the team had put 3,200 lights in both sections on the east side and west side.

When all is said and done, there will be 65,000 new LED lights to show for the next two years of work.

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  1. At night the area must be bright with lighting because that will be good for the public who lives there and for the people who passes through the superior essay road. That is pretty awesome informative sharing about the lighter brighter Detroit thanks for sharing that.

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