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Green Grocer plan helps renovate grocery store exteriors

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The long standing myth of Detroit being a “food desert” is being combated by the city’s grocers with the aid of Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s Green Grocer Project (GGP).

The truth is we have 115 full-service grocery stores within the city limits of Detroit, according to Data Driven Detroit. That excludes Eastern Market and Wayne State farmers’ market. Applications are coming in for some of them to receive 50/50 matching grants up to $50,000 to help spruce up the location’s exterior.

Detroit_Grocery_Stores“Detroit’s grocers have been freshening up the interiors of their stores and bringing in fresh new products, and they’ve told us their priority now is putting a fresh look on their facades.” said Mimi Pledl, program manager for the Green Grocer Project. “Investments in exterior improvements can increase a store’s value to the community and attract more customers.”

Attractive exterior materials, seasonal landscapes, inviting signs and awnings, and interesting windows and displays are used to enhance the aesthetics of the stores that receive the grants.  The look is not the only benefit brought to Detroit grocers through GGP. There is also improved security through better lighting, open parking spaces and welcoming and safe entrances.

Anyone who wants to apply can do so at where they can also find a host of other information.  You can also go to the website with any questions, or call (313) 237-6092 or fax (313) 963-8839.

Fresh affordable food and high quality for the people of Detroit and their stores is the goal of The Green Grocers Project.  They hope to improve quality in operational and store development were needed.  The improvement of operations, appearance, and marketing efforts through the grant is the step towards better food experience for Motown’s citizenry.

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