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Metro Detroit’s connections to the new NBC show “Undateable” run deep


Everyone has a friend who seems absolutely irresistible to the opposite sex. In the bar, the grocery store or on the sidewalk, your friend always seems to draw the attention of someone.

For the rest of us, we typically have to work harder and develop a particular brand of attractiveness that can take years to develop. It could be humor, a sweet car, a fat wallet or just a exuding the ultimate confidence. To put it plainly: At one point or another us mere mortals have been undateable.

A new show on NBC which premiered last Thursday addresses that very issue. The show Undateable follows a group of late 20′s somethings as they try to shake off their more unattractive qualities and find that special someone. This Thursday the show at 9 p.m. will be particularly heavy with images of Detroit.

TigerHats-1-770x514Bill Lawrence, the guy who created Scrubs, Cougartown and Spin City alongside Adam Sztykiel, a local guy who grew up in Beverly Hills before going off to film school at USC and writing movies like Made of Honor and Due Date have decided to have their new show set in Metro Detroit. Ferndale to be exact.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sztykiel recently and discussed Undateable and some other things.

“Bill gave me a book titled Undateable to see if I wanted to create a show around that title. The book was mostly pictures of guys making bad fashion choices, but it became the jumping off point for the show,” Sztykiel started.

The show is about a group of friends in Ferndale that find themselves trapped in an undateable limbo until a guy named Danny comes into their lives and shakes things up. He is played by Chris D’Elia, and the character is the sort of guy I mentioned in the beginning. A person blessed by ease with the opposite sex.

“Two of the other producers, Jeff Ingold and Randall Watson, are also from the Detroit area. It was one of the first decisions we all made. It’s a show about underdogs and Detroit is an underdog city,” Sztykiel said. “It’s about people with some issues, but ultimately believe in themselves and believe they have something great to offer. That’s how I, and a lot people feel about Detroit.”

Despite Sztykiel’s connection to the Detroit  area I was curious if there was ever discussion about having the show set in a more traditional local for singles, like New York or Los Angeles, places that have usually been the setting for such shows.

“Detroit doesn’t want to be New York or L.A. or even Chicago. It wants to be Detroit warts and all,” Sztykiel continued.

I followed up and asked him what similarities Undateable’s characters had with the city.

This blog originally appeared in Hell Yeah Detroit and is reposted with permission.


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