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Craft of the wrap: Meet the work of Rebecca Goldberg


You are walking down the street wearing a piece of jewelry and someone stops you and asks you about it. You say it’s your design and it’s for sale. This is a reality for Rebecca Goldberg, who has weaved a web of interest in her craft.  The Royal Oak native wraps wire around stones and beads in intricate designs to create unique jewelry.

photo2Goldberg’s entrance into the craft was simple enough. She saw a man wearing a wire necklace. She was intrigued and took a look at it.  After that, she taught herself the art form, filling up most of her free time with perfecting her technique until she felt comfortable enough to quit teaching elementary school in Royal Oak and start selling her work.

One point of pride Goldberg has in her work is that she doesn’t use glue. It is all done by wrapping the wire around the objects. She believes using glue makes the work look shoddy and could cause problems for her customers later on. While this choice is more time-consuming, it has been an asset. The stones are more visible, which makes her intricate jewelry eye-catching.

photo5She also uses that technique on larger projects such as a 12-inch tree sculpture made of about 1/2 mile of wire and 400 beads.

You can find her most often at The Rust Belt market in Ferndale where she has become a regular fixture, chatting with other artists and sharing thoughts about what other venues or upcoming shows might also be good places to set up shop.

While small shows and the regularity of The Rust Belt Market make for a nice constant stream of business, the really big sales come in at major shows such as the upcoming Motor City Comic Con and the annual Michigan Renaissance Festival.  This year she’ll have a table at Motown’s massive comics show and she’ll also be at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

elf ear cuffsLast year was the first year she sold her jewelry at the Festival. She made some special wire-wrapped elf ear cuffs, which tend to be fairly popular with people trying to pull a costume together. In fact, a friend at the show liked them so much they arranged a trade. The friend helped sew Goldberg’s renaissance costume for the show in exchange for the earrings.

One of the major advantages going for Goldberg is that she is working in a medium with few competitors so her art is certainly unique. She takes specialty orders and boasts she can wrap any stone you want.  She has even been asked by a friend to make an engagement ring for when he proposes. Her talents range from rings and necklaces to mugs and sculptures.

If you order the wait is short. She often gets orders in the mail the next day. Goldberg can be contacted about her work by email at or view her work on her Facebook or Instagram pages under RNG Originals.

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