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Detroit Ink zooms in with auto-themed clothes just in time for the Detroit auto show


An apparel line with Detroit automotive themes seems only seems natural and premiering it around the International Auto Show seems obvious.  Well, these things are coming to be this year by way of Ink Detroit.

Ink Detroit shirts“We have already had some of our designs resemble the Motor City, such as the Detroit Diehard bracelets and T-shirts.  The bracelet is actually a tire and helps raise money for Goodwill,” said Steve Mansour, co-founder of Ink Detroit.  “Our sports themed lines have been very popular with both the men’s and women’s lines, but with this being the Motor City and the Auto Show coming up, we wanted to reflect the positive things happening here in Detroit.”

inkdetroit3Ink Detroit was founded in 2005 by Paul Marcial and Mansour, who has said that he believes Detroit can again live up to its nickname of “the Paris of the Midwest.”  Mansour is a long time veteran of the garment business.  a landscape. Marcial is  landscape  designer and graphic artist.

The company has branded its local pride with slogans like Detroit Style, Detroit Love, Detroit Humor and Toughness on clothing and accessories for men and women alike.

The new line emphasizes the Mo in Motown with slogans like “Detroit Burn Rubber” and “Detroit Michigan Nuts and Bolts,” while still focusing on the more positive elements of the city.

The new shirts are currently available at the Ink Detroit website at

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