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Get connected: Co-working spaces attract entrepreneurs in Detroit

Dept. of alternatives

Detroit has been pretty vocal about wanting to attract new business in the past few years. That’s all well and good, but how do these businesses and entrepreneurs find a place to work?  Well, for those seeking space to work in Motown the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s Detroit Co-Working Space Finder is offering to find the perfect location for you and help with every point along the way.

co-working spaces“We knew many spaces were opening up for entrepreneurs and others here in the city, so we did the research and created a directory. Now people looking for space can use the Co-Working Space Finder to pick the space that best fits their specific business needs,” said Olga Stella, vice president, Business Development, DEGC.

This is not a one size fits all endeavor. There are options for work spaces for whatever you need … from shared table space to a desk for smaller outfits to an office or shared conference room.  Many of these places include some bells and whistles to help make the modern office run like wireless access, tech support, office supplies … right down to snacks and coffee to make the workers run.

Several of these co-working spaces are specialized.  The Department of Alternatives on Washington Blvd. attracts entrepreneurs who take aim at the community’s social and civic issues through alternative and market-proven solutions.  On Burroughs St. the NextEnergy Center provides those working on advanced energy with a living lab for development and demonstrations. Detroit’s creative-minded have found a space-providing partner on Vermont with leases from Ponyride.

“These co-working spaces offer more than just a place to work, they provide the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a community of people with the same interests,” Stella said.



Sliding affordability is also taken into account with the billing systems based around daily, weekly, and monthly rates or, for the more common patrons, a punch card system.  Some also take non-profits in mind with special rates while still more have a more exclusive application for membership.

The Detroit Co-Working Space Finder has a website to help located at

All the spaces listed, and the 54 organizations featured in BizGrid

On Jan. 20-24, seven of the participating co-working spaces will have open houses called a Co-Lab. These open houses are sponsored by DEGC, and a schedule and other details are available at


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