Speaking truth to power: Check out 13 pages of Detroit facts

Detroit Facts

How many times have you seen these headlines or ones like it? Detroit’s beautiful, horrible decline. The remains for Detroit. The abandoned city of Detroit.  The fall of Detroit.

How many times have you wished you had the facts to refute those statements? Well, here you go.

The Detroit Regional News Hub and a collaboration of companies and organizations have created fact sheets on the city’s transformation. We started it two years ago to share with journalists visiting the city. Back then the fact sheet was about four pages long.

297789_244431562264978_114544571920345_698664_3297855_nMuch has been done since we started the fact sheets. In the past two years there has been more than $11 billion in new private economic investment and development that’s helped transform downtown’s buildings, businesses, and riverfront into a lively and appealing urban center. Those dollars and many other ventures and commitments have been so numerous that we had to divide the information into five different fact sheets.

Capitol Park

Capitol Park

In all, you will have 13 pages of cold, hard facts about Detroit’s transformation. We want to share them with you and hope you will pass them on.

Here’s a quick synopsis for each sheet. Remember to click the links to download the PDFs.

  • Economic development and job growth. Businesses, organizations and people are vested and invested in Detroit. More businesses are opening up and more people are living and working in the city. Downtown Detroit is full of new businesses that are finding homes in historic neighborhoods and old buildings. Young urban professionals and empty nesters flocking to downtown Detroit are quickly inhabiting new lofts and condominiums.
  • Physical development. Buildings are being restored. There are more greenways. Downtown’s parks are being restored and enhanced.
  • Community action. Residents, businesses and organizations are working every day to revitalize neighborhoods, improve health care and enrich education.
  • Arts and culture. Detroit has a rich array of cultural attractions, professional sports teams, outdoor activities, and one of the largest theater districts in the U.S., with more than 13,000 seats in just a two-block radius. In addition, the artistic and creative communities are growing.
  • Safety and security. A coordinated vigilance is present downtown and response times are low. For added assurance and responsiveness, the police emergency department has recently secured 100 new cars and 23 EMS units. Downtown is also blanketed with security provided by the pooled resources of Project Lighthouse, a public-private partnership involving Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, FBI, Customs and Border Patrol, state, county and city police departments, and all private security companies.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author of Crime and Punishment, once said, “We’ve got facts,” they say. But facts aren’t everything. At least half the battle consists in how one makes use of them.” We hope you will make good use of them.

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  1. As someone who lives in Warren, just north of Detroit, it's encouraging to see articles that drill down to the facts. Much of the media hysteria and hype is just fluff that needs to be brushed off to see what lies underneath. Keep up the good work !

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