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Dining for a good cause: The Whitney restaurant launches program to help retired police and firefighters

Tiger at Whitney

The Whitney, Detroit’s Midtown mansion restaurant, has a plan to help retired police and firefighters who may lose part of their pensions in the city’s bankruptcy. It’s called the 9×9 program.

DSC_0914 compressedThe restaurant will offer 9% off on all ala carte dining during August and is donating 9% of its August ala carte revenues to assist retired police and firefighters.

Here’s how it works. If you chose to dine inside The Whitney or kick back in the restaurant’s garden, you’ll save 9% on your full checks and The Whitney will give 9% of its total receipts from ala carte dining throughout August to the retired police and firefighters. You’ll also have the option of contributing your 9% savings to the fund.

In case your wondering why 9%. Here’s the answer. Suddenly the number 9 has become the focus of attention in Detroit.  As in Chapter  9.

Bud Liebler

Bud Liebler

“The Chapter 9 filing has been traumatic for everyone in Detroit, but especially for some of the very people who dedicated their lives to protecting Detroiters and are now in jeopardy of losing some or all of their pensions,” said Bud Liebler, owner of The Whitney.  “We hope our 9X9 program will encourage more diners to come in because they’ll be helping their fellow citizens get over some very tough hurdles.  We also hope other restaurants and businesses will join us in this effort.  If we all help each other through this bankruptcy, we can turn “9” into Detroit’s favorite number.”

Liebler said that while he can’t speculate on the amount the program will raise, it should be a minimum of $10,000.  He said he hopes the program will be successful enough that it can be extended into future months as well.

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4 comments on “Dining for a good cause: The Whitney restaurant launches program to help retired police and firefighters

  1. Great idea to fundraise for retired Police and FIre personnel, for their work to protect and preserve. But don't think that the General retirement system retirees have been any less diligent or deserving. Cities depended on staff, whether uniform or not, to provide their best srevice, what ever their job. To do so they have to have appropriate staffing, the required tools, clear direction and supervision. Leadership that puts the City and its employees, and above all the citizens it is required to service front and center. the fiscal collapse of the CIty has more to do with the priorities and continued push off of the realities to another day, that personnel failures. New systems that did not work, though millions were spent- and contractors never held accountable. Tax abatements with job commitments seldom achieved or accounted for

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  3. Very good suggestions, I just added this to my RSS feed. What would you suggest in regards to your post that you made a few days ago?

  4. Thank you for adding our RSS feed. What blog are you referring to when you are asking for suggestions? 

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