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Local Spider-Man comic book artist Ryan Stegman to attend Motor City Comic Con

Super Spider-man by Ryan Stegman

Those planning to attend the Motor City Comic Con this weekend and those still on the fence may be interested to hear local boy made good Ryan Stegman will be in attendance.


Ryan Stegman

Stegman, a comic book artist, has worked on several Marvel Comics titles including She-Hulk, X-23, Fantastic Four and, most recently, Superior Spider-man, the newest rendition of the company’s flagship character.

Stegman was raised in Troy, attended Michigan State University, and currently resides in Grand Blanc.  He’s been drawing since he was a child. When he was younger, his father, who worked for GM at the Argonaut Building, took his son there so he could practice drawing buildings from the top of the Argonaut.

“I always liked to draw and was drawn to anything with drawing in it,”’ Stegman said. “I originally wanted to be an animator.”

As a youngster he carried three or four comics around with him.  As he got older, Stegman made friends who were more into comics, and they brought him deeper into the medium.  Soon he realized drawing comics was a job someone could have.

Super Spider-man by Ryan Stegman

Super Spider-man by Ryan Stegman

As he expanded his passion for comic books and drawing he became very enamored with Spawn, whose creator Todd McFarlane had drawn an issue of Spider-man. That was one of the comics he’d carried around earlier.

Being a fan in the Metro Detroit area, he was a paying attendee at the Motor City Comic Con back then.  While not consciously aware of how big the comic scene was in the area, he did notice many big names showed up. One of those big names was comic artist Jason Howard, who among other things works on Super Dinosaur with Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman.

Super Spider-Man 9 variant

Super Spider-Man 9 variant

In recent years Stegman and Howard have become friends. While Howard did not realize it until he was later told, he had actually met Stegman at the Motor City Comic Con years earlier.  When Stegman was 16, 17 and 18, he would bring his art to get it critiqued by his now buddy. I’d say he did a good job.

Michigan Comics fans have been quick to embrace Stegman. He has done signings at several stores in the area when comics he’s worked on have been released.  Social media has also aided him. Local fans contact him via Facebook and Twitter and “hit him up” excited that comic book talent is in their own back yard.  He is often noticed it in Grand Blanc.

Stegman will be at the Motor City Comic Con all three days, May 17-19.  While no specific events are panels are planned around him, he will have a table in Artist Alley.  For fans who seek him out he will be signing comics and doing sketches. I’ll be there for sure.

For more information on the Motor City Comic Con check out the website.

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