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Michigan State offers summer programs to young Detroit rockers and classical musicians

summer camp

It seems like an intense interest in music is much like acne and facial hair, when puberty starts it’s almost inevitable.  Seeing this age-old trend Michigan State University has put together the MSU Community Music School-Detroit summer camps.

RockCampguitar_000For those youngsters wanting to follow in the steps of The White Stripes, Green Day, Eminem or even the Yardbirds and Beatles from long ago, there is “Rock Camp.”  Even if they don’t have the English accents, these high school and middle school kids will be offered lessons in instrumental technique, songwriting and performing.  Also, included are tips on how promote their own bands to hopefully rise above the already flooded market.

The camp for ages 12-18 runs from June 16-21, with a “gig” at Detroit River Days on June 22.  Anyone in those age groups with experience ion guitar, bass, sax, keyboard, brass or vocals can apply.

Of course, not everyone idolizes Lennon and McCartney. Some prefer to go the more classical route. For them there is the “Aspiring Musicians Camp.”  Auditions will be held between May 11 and June 15 for any elementary and middle school young winds, brass, MSBClarinets1percussion, piano and guitar students (ages 9-15) who have been playing for at least a year and can read music.  If accepted the students will attend the camp between June 24 and 28 and will work with CMS-Detroit faculty and MSU student mentors, all while enjoying the camp experience.  All of this crescendos with a concert at CMS-Detroit.

Not everyone’s interest in music burns out after their teenage years. For those people there are adult classes. The New Horizons Band is aimed at the more mature among the musical set. There are beginning and intermediate classes for those who arrive in the melodic world a bit later than others.  Also included are Strings I and II, Piano I and II, and Bass and Guitar I and II.

Anyone interested in making their life more musical can visit to sign up and make it so.

summer camp

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