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The Detroit reading list: What are you doing to help Detroit’s future?

“Excuse me, sir, but I’m working to better my future, will you help me?” a high (but loud) voice said as I walked down Woodward.

Immediately, I looked around but didn’t think to look down. When I did, there was a giant grin, ear to ear. For the first time I had met the young Asia Newson, the business lady who some may have heard about and was dubbed “Detroit’s Youngest Entrepreneur” by some.

Asia Newson selling candles in DetroitShe was selling her candles. And, even though I didn’t need one per se, I’m now the proud of one of the “linen” scented kind.  There’s no way to refuse that optimism.

As I walked home, I thought about a how her voice felt as if it were a kind of echo, if you will, of the doers of the city. There are so many people working to better the city’s future, but they just need a little help. Not to mention, there is plenty of room for more people to get active.

So what are you going to do, or are doing, to help Detroit’s future?

With that in mind, here’s your weekly reading list of 10 of the best stories around Detroit compiled by the team.

Wanted! Bold, visionary leaders

Michigan Chronicle: I have received calls from across the country about Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr, and the battle to unseat him including the federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of his appointment. My phone keeps ringing. But I have yet to receive one call about the economic boom engineered by the private sector that is restructuring downtown Detroit and is poised to change the image and narrative of a city whose obituary has been written many times in national media.

For Michigan to succeed, Detroit and Grand Rapids must work together

Detroit Free Press: In a post-recession Michigan, business leaders from Grand Rapids and Detroit realize they must cooperate like never before to survive and grow. Together, they’re providing money to fledgling start-ups, helping each other with sister initiatives to recruit and retain young talent, infusing respective city cores with new development and retail, and recognizing they are stronger if East and West are both thriving.

Detroit Leads the Way on Place-Centered Revitalization

Project For Public Spaces: You may have heard about downtown Detroit’s big comeback story. Campus Martius has become one of America’s great urban squares. Demand for housing has outstripped supply for months. Major tech firms like Twitter are opening up offices in refurbished historic buildings. The Motor City’s historic core is ascendant. At an event hosted by Dan Gilbert of Rock Ventures LLC, downtown Detroit became the Rust Belt comeback kid to watch.

California Investors Seek Michigan Companies

MiBiz: Investors attracted to deals on the coasts for years overlooked Michigan as a flyover state, but those perceptions seem to be slowly changing as more outside money sets its sights on in-state companies. Just ask Ned Tomasevic, principal of Los Angeles-based private investment firm Toma Capital Management LLC.

Metro Detroit’s ‘Mother Talley’ is oldest person in the U.S.

MyFoxDetroit: At 113, records confirm Jeralean Talley is the oldest person in America and the third oldest in the world, and she calls metro Detroit her home. “Mother Talley”, as her family calls her, loves to dance, but said that is not the secret to a long life.  Born in Georgia in 1899, she said the Golden Rule is the only way to live life.

X Games Detroit trailer: Watch Extreme Sports Takeover for ESPN bid

Huffington Post Detroit: Glittering lights and abandoned towers. Soaring skyscrapers and vacant meadows. Innovation and abandonment. Detroit is a city of extremes. What better place, then, to host the world’s foremost showcase of extreme sports, the X Games? Kevin Krease and Garret Koehler submitted Detroit’s official bid to host the annual Summer X Games beginning in 2014 for a three-year contract.

Westward Expansion: RiverWalk Addition Traverses Giant Lot

Curbed Detroit: The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy just announced a May meeting to discuss plans on expanding the RiverWalk to the west, starting with the construction of a shoreline path across the vacant land adjacent to the Riverfront Towers.

What if the U.N.’s headquarters had been on Lake St. Clair instead of the East River?

Foreign Policy: Suppose Detroit were the capital of the world, known around the globe not only for its industrial past or post-industrial present, but also as the focal point of international diplomacy. Suppose that the United Nations had its headquarters there, and that the last six decades in Detroit’s history were framed not only by the decline of the auto industry, the racial tensions, and the plummeting population, but also the work of securing world peace. What then would we think of Detroit? And what might we think of the United Nations?

Members of the Voices of Hope Choir join together to try to rebuild their lives

Detroit 2020: They’re often the people who have no voice. The homeless. But one group of men and women who’ve had no place to call home are using their voices to bring a newfound harmony to their lives. No matter the genre—for this group—it’s ALL soul music. 71-year old Ralph Duncans is part of the Voice of Hope choir.  Twice incarcerated—he also spent 17 years on the streets. “Every day my life is getting better, everything is getting better.”

Reborn Michigan Bell HQ in Detroit Earns State Historic Preservation Award

Deadline Detroit: The $50-million renovation of Michigan Bell Telephone Co. ‘s former office high-rise office on Oakman Boulevard in Detroit is recognized with a Governor Award for Historic Preservation. Gov. Rick Snyder presents the annual honor to that that project and five others around the state at a State Capitol Rotunda ceremony on May 1. The long-vacant landmark alongside the Lodge Freeway was built in 1929-30 in Art Deco style.


Asia Newson selling candles in Detroit

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  1. Detroit needs a professional dance company that can capture the spirit of the new Detroit ! Grand Rapids Ballet is the only professional ballet company in the state. There are smaller modern companies that just need support! Detroit books groups to fill it's venues from outside Detroit. It's time for a company that can take Detroit "on the road" to showcase the city to other cities and be a source of pride for Detroit and the state! The arts make the city alive and if you want new talent to come to the city you must include exciting new performing arts groups!

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