WATCH: The 1984 Tigers World Series Champions Parade

The same year Henry Ford completed his first quadricycle Detroit’s beloved Tigers played their first game at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. Since 1896 our team has been with us through the ups and downs in this town.

So with the 2013 home opener upon us we thought we’d share this cool piece of footage found online (30 minutes or so) from the 1984 World Series Victory Parade with Mort Crim, Carmen Harlan, Eli Zaret and other faces you’ll find familiar. You’ll see old Tiger Stadium as well as old Kennedy Square.

1984 Detroit Tigers parade

Dick Purtan, MC of the 1984 Detroit Tigers victory parade

There are a few jump cuts in the video, but it’s a valuable piece of visual Detroit history that shows you how much things have changed and, in some ways, how much they have stayed the same.

Let’s hope we’ll have another victory parade in Detroit at the end of this season.

Part of why we love the Tigers is because Detroiters develop an attachment to the team at a young age. That continues today. Sunday afternoon’s game is something special called “Kids Opening Day” for those who can’t take work and school off for the Friday festivities.

Not only are kids throwing out the first pitch, singing the national anthem and announcing the starting lineups (how cool!), the Tiger’s staff will guide nearly 200 kids aged 8-14 for on-the-field exercises with their coaches. All kids 14 and under get a mini Miguel Cabrera MVP mini-bat and cheer card upon enry to the game thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Oh, and the carousel will be free thanks to Kroger and Aquafina is sponsoring a “kids run the bases” event.

Go Tigers!


Tiger fans hang off of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument downtown in 1984

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