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Help Detroit neighborhoods go green April 6

2012 Tree Planting in Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit

2,461 is a lot of anything.

2,461 people is a decent-sized concert. 2,461 dollars will buy you a lot of fun at the bar. 2,461 songs is a little less than the average iTunes library (3,000 songs).

But 2,461 trees planted by Greening of Detroit are going to make a big difference. They’ll make Detroit a better place to live thanks to their effect on reforestation as well as handling storm water runoff and reducing the chance of floods in our neighborhoods. Oh yeah, and trees, in general, are pretty cool. They reduce noise, clean the soil, provide shade or, if it’s a mature tree, supply enough oxygen for 10 people to breathe for a year.

Greening of Detroit logoThere are two locations in Detroit neighborhoods where you can lend your shoulder to the shovel for the Greening of Detroit season planting kick-off. Those are Cody Rouge West and Stein Park. That said, if you can’t make this weekend, don’t fret. Your help is needed all the way through June 8, on every weekend except March 30 and May 25).

So what’s the deal if you want to get involved in this weekend from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm?

The Cody Rouge West Tree Planting is on 8401 Trinity St., Detroit 48228. They’re planting 192 trees in partnership with Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept. and Quicken Loans employees.

Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept. and the Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep are teaming up for the Stein Park Tree Planting – 100 trees are going in across from 9139 Brace Street, Detroit, 48228.

If you want to get involved in the Greening of Detroit plantings in April, May or June you can sign up online at or give Greening of Detroit a ring at 313-237-8733

2012 Tree Planting in Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit

Greening of Detroit tree planting in Warrendale last year

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