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LOOK: What the new Detroit police cars and ambulances will look like

Close up of new Detroit Police car

Here are graphic renderings of the new public safety vehicles that will be hitting the streets in a few months after today’s announcement that Penske, the Detroit 3, Quicken Loans, Kresge Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Platinum Equity will be funding 123 new vehicles for the city of Detroit. What do you think of the new look?

For more on how these new vehicles are coming to Detroit neighborhoods, read the rest of the story.

NEW DESIGN OF DETROIT POLICE CARS (Click images to enlarge)

New Chevy Caprice Detroit Police Car

Chevrolet Caprice PPV

Close up of new Detroit Police carClose up of Chevrolet Caprice Detroit Police Car showing graphic design detail

Terrastar Detroit Ambulance Rear Close upRear of new Detroit Ambulance design to shown to highlight graphics

Three angles of Horton Terrastar Ambulance in Detroit

Three views of the new Horton Terrastar ambulance with graphics for Detroit

Front of Charger Detroit Police Car

Close up view of new Dodge Charger police car for Detroit

Dodge Charger Pursuit for DetroitThree views of Dodge Charger Pursuit vehicle


Ford Taurus Interceptor

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24 comments on “LOOK: What the new Detroit police cars and ambulances will look like

  1. for the police cars: A white car and black letters… for the price of those graphics you could put a few more cars on the road.

  2. I love the new design we are Detroit we need something different and exciting not boring basic blue and white uggh so out with the old and in with the new … 2 thumbs..!!!!

  3. Really? The city that is going bankrupt has money to splurge on detailed car graphics. This is part of the reason the city is failing.

  4. The graphics would be donated along with the vehicles. The city wouldn't pay a dime. I believe Mayor Bing said these were only preliminary designs and that each of the Big 3 would also be submitting designs.

  5. If you look at the design on side of police car doors at the car handles (driver side back and front)
    what do you see?
    Alien spacecraft zooming in the clouds over Detroit.

  6. First of all, as the car capital of the world, Detroit should have a first rate and professionally designed Police Car. This also has an impact on the pride of the Officers and the Department. As a Graphic Designer, I think these designs are very strong! I really like the typography throughout and it is very evident that whoever did these understands type and kerning and letter spacing. Compare to Detroit's current police cars with the odd red calligraphy type that reads "Detroit Police"…not good…at best, looks like it was painted on with a brush…at worst, looks like splattered blood! The typography on these new designs is strong, authoritative and contemporary. I also love that the new cars give a nod to some Detroit Police car heritage by using the primary blue and white color theme. Detroit Police have used some form of blue since the late '60's. Even down to the details, such as the American flag…Detroit cruisers have also displayed an American flag since the late '60's. My only concern is the very "photographic" depiction of the skyline on the side doors. This is bold, for sure. It seems to me that this might be one of those things that's either really cool or really bad…not knowing until it's executed. I would consider making the skyline on the side less photographic and more graphic…perhaps more posterized…flatten the skyline down to two or three tones of the blue…might be worth looking at. If they do go very photographic with the skyline, I do like the lighting they are using…dusk with all the golds. Might be cool if the golds in the skyline were somewhat reflective, now that could be very cool. Anyway, these are first rate designs that were clearly very well though out.

  7. Thanks for your positive comments Jon.

    I put many hours of thought and hard work into these designs. All of the details you mentioned were in fact very carefully considered throughout development of the project. Also you are spot on with your suggestion. There was an alternate design with a more stylized Detroit city-scape. It was actually my favorite. In the end it wasn't as popular with the decision makers.

    Thanks again.

  8. Some of the people commenting need to finish reading these articles. These vehicles ARE NOT the reason the City is failing. The city didn't buy them; they are being "donated" to the city. The cost is being covered by multiple groups. So yeah… maybe finish reading? Or is literacy on the internet too much to ask?

    And, for the record, this is gonna help save the city. The city desperately has needed some boosts and support to their safety infrastructure. FFS! The firemen don't even have toiletries or basic essentials in their firehouses. Quit being shrews.

  9. These cars are awesome! I'm just wondering how Detroit will raise the money? These cars are not cheap, especially if Detroit makes the cars in their local factories.

  10. Bronson – did you not read the rest of the article?…it's all being leased to Detroit, not purchased by Detroit

  11. As a former Detroit resident. I love the new looks of Detroit's PD and EMS. It's great to see the Big 3 and several other major companies making this effort. I kind of wish our police department here in San Antonio, Texas would get rid of those ugly black and white cars/suv's and do something as cool and powerful as the folks up in Detroit!

  12. I'm surprised there's no sponsorship logos on the vehicles, as they cars look like they're designed for nascar!

  13. This car looks like so stunning and awesome. Especially the design and the color of the car really superb to see. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  14. Gosh, I don't like the new design at all! It cheapens the image of the cars. Better that the save those finances they're intending to spend on the decals and choose a more simple design! It looks like they are ADVERTISING something!

  15. As a former Detroiter,I love the design and I think the officers will take pride in there ride.

    J J

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