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IT in the D made job hunting awesome at St. Andrews Hall Pink Slip Party

When you think of networking events, job hunting and recruiters, you rarely think of a venue like St. Andrew’s Hall. After all, St. Andrew’s is more synonymous with Eminem than employment opportunities.

But accomplished the difficult task of bringing fun together with making job connections at the IT in the D Pink Slip Party at St. Andrews. More than 700 people attended this networking event in Downtown Detroit.

Pink slip party of Pink Slip Party – Photo by Shannon Callahan

At first, you might question a networking event that isn’t all business. There was a band. Sponsors provided an open bar the first two hours. But it turns out that casual nature gives those looking for a job a leg up on their search.

“It takes a lot of pressure out of the interviewing process,” said Kim West of iTalent, an information technology staffing company based in Troy. “We’re able to talk to people on a personal level and get to know who they are as a person and not just on a piece of paper. It allows me to match them in a way that’s unique and different and not like a typical job fair. That’s why people love to come.”

Dave Phillips (who we’ve talked to before on how to get a job in Detroit) and his two partners, Bob Waltenspiel and Jeff Mackey, are the three amigos who run a website called, the organizers of the IT in the D Pink Slip Party.

Photo by Shannon Callahan

Photo by Shannon Callahan

“We wanted to be in Downtown Detroit, (today) it’s 3/13/13 that’s the whole point of our event to show some love for Detroit, and St. Andrews is an awesome venue. It’s something fresh and original,” says Phillips.

So who can take advantage of these events? Two kinds of people, said Phillips, who notes that the “hard-core” geek start of the group has softened.

“(We’re looking for) recruiters looking to hire people or people in or around IT and those looking to get hired,” he said. “We realized there’s so much connected to the IT field, so we’ve got people here in marketing, analysts, project managers, program managers, technical writers and training software developers.”

Looking for a job? Well, there’s good news. Just because you missed this event doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. The next event is in Royal Oak in the back room of the Black Finn on April 18 starting at 5:01pm.

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