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2,000 people made Detroit Bike City special


A lot of people involved in the Motor City have a passion for the motor-less city.

To that end, Detroit Bike City is a yearly celebration of all things pedal-powered. You saw tall bikes, short bikes, weird bikes and even a dash of advocacy for better places to do that biking. There was even a map where you could place stickers to make your suggestion as to where bike sharing locations should be in Detroit.

As someone who’s covered shows of all types, dropping by a bicycle show was a different experience. No fancy reveals this year. No throngs of press. No booth to pick up your credentials. But there was still the most important ingredient for any event … passion for what you’re doing. According to the Detroit Bike City Facebook page, about 2,000 people showed up throughout the day in Downtown Detroit to share that passion.

So check out this gallery of what we saw Saturday (March 16) at Detroit Bike City. Hope to see you down next year.

Photo Gallery of Detroit Bike City


Entry to Detroit Bike City

Shinola Bixby Logo

Meet the Shinola Bixby

More Shinola Bike

Detroit made Shinola bicycles at Detroit Bike City


Bike with the ability to carry cargo


Bike with funky colored LED shell


Everyone can bike together on this cool contraption

Motorless City Bicycle Company

Motorless City Bicycle Company


Ride high with the Very Big Bike Company


Talk about fat tires!


Custom bike frame from Tech Shop


Detroit Bicycle Company


Detroit Bicycle Company seat detail


Placemaking was part of the event where people could place on the map with stickers where they’d like bike sharing locations in the city

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